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Organik by Niacin

The Hammond B-3 is one of the most unique musical instruments in the world today. It can sound like an organ, guitar, or even a human voice. In the group Niacin’s Organik, John Novello showcases his mastery of the instrument accompanied by the playing of Dennis Chambers on drums and Billy Sheehan on electric bass.

Niacin classifies themselves more as a rock group, but the groups’ use of fusion and jazz improvisation distinguishes them from the stereotypical loud bass drum, earsplitting guitar solos, and screaming singer rock group. One of the reasons that Niacin is different from other rock groups is that the musicians have a lot of jazz experience. For instance, drummer Dennis Chambers has played with famous jazz artists such as David Sanborn, Bill Evans, and Michael Brecker.

John Novello uses the Hammond B-3 to its full ability playing two, three, and even four parts at the same time. He replicates the sound of guitar at the beginning of "No Shame" and on "Club Soda" he plays one of the coolest sections on the CD using the Hammond B-3 to replicate the sound of a choir. The group’s foundation is Billy Sheehan. He plays powerful bass lines that are crazy fast. The drumming work of Dennis Chambers has an extremely high energy level that carries through every second on the CD with powerful cymbal crashes and a hard grooving rock beat.

The overall sound of this group is incredible, when listening to them you can not help but keep your foot tapping. All three musicians play together like they have played together for their entire lives. This is a great CD and I would recommend it to anybody that is interested in expanding their outlook on jazz.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Niacin
  • CD Title: Organik
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Magna Carta
  • Rating: Five Stars
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