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Richard Hart Quartet by Richard Hart

Richard Hart, veteran jazz guitarist, incorporates highly dynamic and innovative grooves for his latest studio album Fearless Shores. Hart’s musical style is diverse, from smooth to funky to bluesy, it all exquisitely sets the tone for some very hot vibes. This latest project by The Richard Hart Quartet is no exception and assuredly it will not disappoint. Hart, along with Ron Munn, Dorothy Soto and Mark Winkel, gives us Fearless Shores, which fearlessly crosses many genres of jazz producing a riveting interaction between musician and instrument for jazz fusion at its best.

Fearless Shores starts off with the dynamic "R & R," a jazzy piece with lush horns and vibrant guitar riffs blended with smooth percussions. A bluesy track, "Getzmondes" appeases the ear with plenty of smooth drum rolls and harmonious sax leading into Hart’s guitar which radiates with soul. The title track, "Fearless Shores," is upbeat and very danceable with super sax and bass lines giving this a lively south of the border appeal.

Slowing the rhythm down a notch is "Bimjo" with more Latin vibes, saucy maracas and laid back drumming. "Can’t Pass You By" is dominated by Munn’s elegant sax, soft brushed drumming and tranquil guitar from Hart. If this is the definition of soothing, then the next track defines funk and bop. And "Hop Skip N’ A Jump" does just that with ultra lively guitar riffs and white-hot sax mingled with funky drumbeats. Moving into more funk is the catchy "Groove On "G" Street," this time with a more contemporary feel to it. The playful guitar riffs and accompanying sax is meant to get you up and dancing. "Promise Fulfilled" is smooth, but full of life with spirited sax, lively guitar and a cheery tambourine throughout. The boppy "This Be It" ends Fearless Shores with more great contagious rhythms that have that get up and dance beat. From the first catchy note to the last, all the elements are here to keep you on your feet.

With Fearless Shores, The Richard Hart Quartet delivers thoroughly enjoyable jazz compositions, which effortlessly cross many genres. Its nine tracks, all written and arranged by Hart are seamless in their alternation between smooth jazz, funk, blues, pop and bop. Fearless Shores is fearless in its mission to deliver great jazz and it's destined to make waves in the jazz world for a long time.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Richard Hart
  • CD Title: Richard Hart Quartet
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Innervision Records
  • Rating: Five Stars
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