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Second Movement by Second Movement

The exploration of jazz comes in many unique flavors and styles, one of which is a phenomenon known as jazz funk. Over time, numerous artists and groups have either performed or recorded this style of music to the betterment of the genre as a whole. For over 30 years, jazz funk was pushed into the mainstream arena by such notables as Grover Washington, Jr., Stanley Turrentine, Eddie Harris, Jack McDuff, David "Fathead" Newman and a host of other outstanding musicians. In later years, jazz funk has seen the emergence of Boney James, Everette Harp, Pieces of a Dream, Marcus Miller, A. Ray Fuller and Down To The Bone, just to name a few.

Throughout its existence, funk has been a quintessential style of jazz, even though smooth jazz radio has seen fit to downplay the music’s overall appeal. With that being stated, jazz funk has continued in popularity in spite of radio’s seemingly overstated ambivalence to its viability. As has been noted, the music just keeps on coming and the latest in a long line of funk practitioners is a group known as Second Movement. Their self-titled debut release is best described as a "groove-driven jazz funk bopping dance floor" excursion into sound.

Second Movement’s roots can be found in one of jazz’s most historic and most prolific points of origin. New York has always been known as one of the genre’s dominant focal points for jazz. Second Movement is merely following a long-standing tradition of excellence. Their debut CD is three years in the making and is filled with originality, while employing a rhythmic approach to fusion-driven funk and circumstance. There are eight beautifully written tracks of energetic formulated funk, all of which containing explosive melodies and underlying bass lines. Front the very first track entitled "Featherweight" to the very last, Second Movement makes a wide and varied statement that personifies the idea of jazz funk.

Since 2003 Second Movement has been progressively moving towards this debut self-titled release. In that amount of time, the band consisting of keyboardist Thomas Shaw as leader, as well as bassist Justin Kimmel, drummer Matthew Tredwill, saxophonist Heath Walton and guitarist Joe Young have been incorporating fusion and contemporary styles of jazz into a funk-oriented individualized message of their own.

This newest release is merely a prelude of things to come from this dynamic and rhythmically correct jazz group. What is most unfortunate about Second Movement’s influence on present day jazz is they may not get the widespread recognition they truly deserve. Traditional airplay may not see fit to highlight Second Movement’s overall appeal, however anyone within earshot of their sound will find music that they will just love to hear.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Second Movement
  • CD Title: Second Movement
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Warmer
  • Tracks: Featherweight, Between the Sheetz, Moonlight Weightbelt, The Hup, Spellbound, Anything But Reason, Evry Man a King
  • Musicians: Justin Kimmel (bass), Thomas Shaw (keyboards), Matthew Tredwell (drums), Heath Walton (saxophone), Joe Young (guitar)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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