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ReCreation by Zap Mama

Singer-songwriter Marie Daulne (aka Zap Mama) has a regal air that coats her songs in beads of sonic beauty. ReCreation is a synthesis of Afro-beats, Brazilian shimmies, soft torchlight flutters and hip-shaking twists. Her tunes have an island vibe and her vocals are imbued with comely acoustics and satiny intonations. Her songs are as far from following a cookie-cutter pattern as the planet Neptune is from the Sun, but as unconventional as she might be, her songs have a catchy versing that appeals to the human soul.

The title track has exotic-sounding trimmings that tickle the senses and are infused with rapid jungle beats along "Vibrations." Daulne’s crisp hip-hop vocalizing in "Singing Sisters" features the chic vocal stylizing of Sylvie Nawasadio and Sabine Rabongo on harmonies. The Brazilian rhythms of "Hello To Mama" have a cha-cha groove twisting around the hoops of flashy horns and the island sway of "Do You Wanna" is thatched in Daulne’s fluttering vocals.

The thistles of Afro-beats strewn across "The Way You Are" are embossed in rainbows of arching vocals with singer Bilal lending his bass tone as the bedrock for the track. The whispery fluidity of "Paroles Paroles" and "Non Non Non" form lush arias around Daulne’s vocals, which gel into Vincent Cassel’s sprinting vocals. The fingersnapping syncopation of "Drifting" is sprinkled in gentle harmonica swirls and calming organ reels, while the voluminous horns cling to the rafters of Afro-beats in "African Diamond" like sparkling gems embedded in rock.

The soft illustrious piano rolls of "Togetherness" cradle Daulne’s lounging vocals solidly, transitioning into the soft-soul cushions of "Chillout," which feel soothing even as the chord progressions build into massive waves and the gospel-tinged chorus parts create an ambience reminiscent of Disney’s production of The Lion King.

Zap Mama’s music is a sonic tapestry of rainbows with gemstones woven into the material. The album’s tempo is calming and induces a sprightly hop in the listener’s steps. Her music has a sense of freedom and a love of life that she generously shares with audiences.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Zap Mama
  • CD Title: ReCreation
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Heads Up Records
  • Tracks: ReCreation, Vibrations, Singing Sisters, Hello To Mama, Do You Wanna, The Way You Are, Paroles Paroles, Drifting, African Diamond, Harlem, Togetherness, Non Non Non, Chill Out
  • Rating: Three Stars
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