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Al Jarreau - The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure by Al Jarreau

What a wonderful thing it is to spin the Rhino Records Sept. 29th release of Al Jarreau - The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure. The collection is a highlight of all the amazing songs we’ve come to love and embrace during the career of this master vocalist, Al Jarreau.

With his own charismatic and inventive vocals, Jarreau is the only artist to have won Grammy Awards in three different categories pop, jazz and R&B, like his 1977 Grammy for "Take Five" from Look to the Rainbow that earned him the 1977 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal; "(Round, Round, Round) Blues Rondo A La Turk," the 1981 Grammy winner for Jazz Vocal Performance Male; and the title track from Breakin’ Away, the 1981 Grammy winner for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. He has earned a total of seven Grammies over four decades. What an amazing accomplishment.

With an incredible range and a circuitous voice that can do just about anything, one would think that his success came easy, but Jarreau once told me he never had the leisure of taking time off from his career to just relax. Bills needed to be paid and he never made the kind of money it took to afford that luxury. But somewhere along the line of just doing what he needed to do, he became what is considered, the greatest living jazz singer.

Constantly touring the US and all over the world, Jarreau breezes on stage in his black beret to the delight of his fans, mesmerizing them with many of their favorites from his impressive career. His heartfelt expression for a song captures audiences from beginning to end, and no wonder. He is an inventive and accomplished talent with a grand sense of humor and a musical goodwill. It only stands to reason then that this latest favs CD will be sought after by many jazz, pop and R&B devotees.

Some of Jarreau’s hit songs represented on this 16 track album are 1976’s Glow ("Rainbow In Your Eyes"), 1980’s This Time ("Spain," "Never Givin’ Up"), 1981’s Breakin’ Away ("Roof Garden," "We’re In This Love Together"), 1983’s Jarreau (Boogie Down," "Mornin’"), 1984’s High Crime ("After All"), 1988’s Heart Horizon ("So Good"), 2000’s Tomorrow Today ("Just To Be Loved"), and 2004’s Accentuate The Positive ("Cold Duck"), and including "Moonlighting" the theme song from the hit television show starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. Lovely!

Al Jarreau - The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure.... an A-1 collection from an A-1 performer with a story in every song.

Copyright 2009 Suzi Price

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Al Jarreau
  • CD Title: Al Jarreau - The Very Best Of: An Excellent Adventure
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Rhino Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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