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Echo by Alyssa Graham

The many moods and expressions of the jazz vocalist is what ignites the fawning desire for the craft. Thus, this basic instinct necessitates the audio scrutiny of fine jazz, with lyrical compassion as its liberator.

With restless yet clinical arrangements, the aphrodisiac weight of Alyssa Graham's style is refreshing. Sunnyside Records 2008 release of Echo unleashes the delicate and seasoned vocals of this free-spirit.

There are times throughout these slices that the intrigue of sound quality takes shape. Ms. Graham adorns abundant personalities within her craft. Case in point is the innocence she draws off of Paul Simon's "America" as she transforms colors to this classic. On the flip side, the fragile nudge-wink serenade of "My Love" takes stage, defining her enthusiasm for devotion.

Seemingly, there is rich psyches to Ms Graham's lyrical aerobics as well, all of which map out numerous boulevards as her career takes course. This quality is a tribute to this artist. Her storytelling becomes delightful; for it expands in every direction without the crutch of boundaries.

Ms. Graham expression of internal adoration captures the audience with her original offering "Butterflies," which was written by her husband Douglas Graham (Guitarist) and Jon Cowherd (Piano). The natural quality in her voice, along with the string manipulation, attempts a delicate balance, which succeeds convincingly.

In her calculated sway, Ms. Graham has a hint of sophistication, which has us seeking those eclectic revelations yet to be unearthed.

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Alyssa Graham
  • CD Title: Echo
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Sunnyside Records
  • Tracks: America, Pictures of You, Echo, Arkansas, My Love,Butterflies, I Burn For You, Involved Again, Once Upon a Summer Time, Coming Home, Izaura
  • Musicians: Alyssa Graham: vocals, Jon Cowherd: vocals/French horn/ piano/organ, Douglas Graham: guitars, Romero Lubambo: guitar, Elizabeth Lim-Dutton & Laura Seaton: violin, Lawrence Dutton: viola, Sachi Patitucci: cello, Gregoire Maret: harmonica, Doug Weiss: bass guitar, Obed Calvaire: drum, Jeff Haynes: percussion
  • Rating: Three Stars
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