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Krazy Love by Luba Mason

Luba Mason’s resonance spins a calming influence on the romantic psyche, as Sunnyside Records release of Krazy Love, drains the strains of everyday complexities, escorting in tranquility, it will be clear from the first notes the journey you are about to experience. From the feathery poetry of "Lovely" to attraction of a passionate duet by (Ruben) Blades and Mason, this disk has legs.

Without reservation, Ms. Mason’s performance on Krazy Love undeniably has a seductive sway, strolling through the coldest of hearts!

The execution of her tonality along with her rhythmical levitation of moods makes this disk a multi-spin exercise. Noting also, that the cast in studio shines with gifts such as Jimmy Haslip’s (Yellowjackets) bass, keeping the flow steady, along with Brazilian pianist Renato Neto, keeping the sound crisp and music sheet intellectually sound.

An introduction to the angelic lyricism of Ms. Mason, introduces us to her writing consciousness. A side which soon will capture great praise by many, for her insightful thought evokes many moments and mood driven chapters for many. However, her writing will never succeed her gift for vocalization. Ms. Mason has a voiced carved out of pure energy!

Avoiding the comparison plague, let’s just state Ms. Mason’s new release has the capacity to surprise and please even the most critical of egos. Her sweet voiced feel of "This House" is a finely framed template of an upbeat and cleverly-designed tempo. Her idyllic performance expresses warmth to the spin.

Ms. Mason has the capacity, with vocals in hand; to deliver any emotion one rations themselves, for any given point in their life’s quest.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Luba Mason
  • CD Title: Krazy Love
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Sunnyside Records
  • Tracks: Krazy Love, From Me To You, Lovely, A Summer Night, E Com Esse Que Eu Vou, Olhos nos Olhos, This House, Gorgeous Fool, Reunion, Christmas In July
  • Musicians: Luba Mason (vocals),Sandro Albert (guitar), Jimmy Haslip (bass guitar), Marco Costa (drums), Cassio Duarte (percussion)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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