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This Time Around by Sandy Kastel

Vegas classics are back and on the stage with the new jazz vocalist Sandy Kastel and her 2007 release of Powerful and energetic selections. This high-octane siren releases the electric aura of This Time Around. showcasing what Vegas entertainment was and still is. Kastel has all the characteristics and signs of a star-class entertainer with an attitude only she can deliver. The spin has the familiarity of the classic Vegas cuts with the panache of a noticeable interrelation between then and now.

This hometown girl reveals her passionate love affair for the city with each performance. The cuts are not just covers but more than that! Each spin adorns that Kastel "feel" which offers a new perspective for the audience to embrace. For Kastel, her style is an emotional one. Deep within her lies the heartbeat of entertaining, the skill of the show, if you will.... Ms. Kastel has something yet to be properly defined, just ride the journey with her. Ms. Kastel’s vocal interpretation of "Misty" is stunning, pouring her sultry passion into this truly poignant ballad. Her vocal delivery and timing are right on target as she brings a new attitude to this performance. Try this on the right evening and the right results will drape the moonlit moment for any listener! The same can be said for her performance of "My Funny Valentine" which just captures that memory of years gone by. This Time Around is pure neon entertainment, which I would bet finds a slot in your collection. Sandy Kastel has taken her gifts and laid them out for the populace to embrace as they seem fit. So do so! My only critique is that we have not heard more and for that matter, originals. Ms. Kastel has the tools, passion, and drive as we now await her to go to the next tier of her journey....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Sandy Kastel
  • CD Title: This Time Around
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Silk and Satin Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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