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Having performed in Paquito D'Rivera's group since 2007, Alex Brown (The Pianist, as his album title declares) appropriately records his first album under the aegis of The Clarinetist/The Saxophonist. Indeed, Brown records on D'Rivera's label, Paquito Records, thereby receiving a no-doubt much appreciated boost from his mentor. Though top-notch jazz musicians from Jane Bunnett to Jon Faddis have worked with Brown, not to mention Brown's involvement with D'Rivera's Grammy-Award-winning album, he has escaped wide-spread public awareness. He shouldn't remain under-recognized much longer.

Chico & Rita

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The music on Chico & Rita is absolutely superb. The soundtrack is captured in a perfect way and performed by Cuban pianist, bandleader and composer Bebo Valdes. It features music by Thelonious Monk, Cole Porter, Dizzy Gillespie and Freddy Cole. Chico & Rita was nominated for a 2012 academy award in the category of Best Animated Feature Film, including Premio Goya in 2011 for Best Animated Movie and an EFA from the European Film Academy among others.
I was concerned when I saw the front of the CD, "Paquito D'Rivera Presents Alex Brown, Pianist." It's nice for a big-name musician to help out the new kid, but does he really need an endorsement? Is he that bad? Fortunately, I was dead wrong. Brown is one of the finest young pianists I've come across, and this debut album is nothing short of outstanding.
Toronto-based Laura Fernandez writes music from the heart, a natural expression of her highly artistic nature and obvious compassionate feeling for music that emanates through each of her songs. As a singer, songwriter and pianist, Laura paints her emotions with colorful notes, lyrical hues and artful dimensions, a medium that comes naturally to this talented and gifted artist.
Nine years ago, I coined him as “The Impeccable Michel Camilo.” Impeccable still holds true today, but with the release of his 2011 Decca/EmArcy (Universal Music Group) CD, Mano a Mano, I hear so much more. There is a maturity of a road well-traveled, an elegance of soul, and majesty of spirit within Camilo’s music and performance. When you listen, you understand this is a man who has reached the pinnacle of musical excellence.
Drummer/percussionist/composer/arranger and musical director Fidel Morales re-releasing of his 2005 masterpiece album Salsa Son Timba is a good news for all salsa and cuban music fans. Fidel recorded this album in Cuba with some of the best musicians from this caribbean island, including timbal player legend Amadito Valdes.Besides being a master drummer and percussionist, Fidel is a creative arranger and composer. Fidel wrote or co-wrote five of the eight songs on this album, each one with inven
This album, by Issac Delgado, is the recreation of the sounds of Nat King Cole in Spanish. The majority of the songs are also on Latin albums of Nat King Cole. The rest are “Cole classics” mixed with Delgado’s own style and elements of Latin Jazz. For the first time ever Freddy Cole does a special contribution for his brother Nat King Cole and along with Delgado. this album is full of “twelve sultry and sexy Spanish recordings originally sung by crooner Nat King Cole.”Words of Fernando Gonzalez,
Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, Pedro Bermudez is a pianist with lot of experience playing with salsa legends like Willie Rosario, Roberto Roena and the Puerto Rican Latin Jazz group Batacumbele.The opening track "Yuba a Santurce" is an homage to Pedro's town, Santurce. This is a piece with Bomba and Jazz fusion, reminiscent of the music of another great Jazz musician from Puerto Rico, trmbonist William Cepeda. Good improvisations by Ivan Renta on sax and Oscar Stagnaro on drums.Pedro plays the f
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