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Algo Mas by Mark Weinstein

As a trombonist Mark Weinstein pioneered Afro-Cuban jazz back in the 60s and 70s. Subsequently, the artist switched gears and picked up the flute as his instrument of choice. And with this session, Weinstein revisits the Cuban-jazz idiom along with four percussionists, bassist Santi DeBriano and jazz-rock guitar hero, Jean-Paul Bourelly.

Essentially, Weinstein revisits the road he has frequently traversed via these nicely flowing Latin grooves amid his heartening and zestful flute lines layered across the rhythmic elements. Occasionally, the ensemble pursues a nouveau world-music vibe, partly due to Bourelly’s breezy jazz chords and wah-wah drenched jazz-fusion voicings on selected tracks. Percussionist and vocalist Pedro Martinez adds the indigenous Spanish vocalizations to coincide with certain movements that signify, deep-rooted Cuban folk coalescing with modern jazz. They speed up the pulse in spots, but the preponderance of these pieces are crafted upon consistently thrusting, medium-tempo workouts. However, the unwavering and somewhat unwavering flows sometimes signal in a sense of sameness, amid subtle shifts in momentum. On "Fantasia Malanga," Bourelly redirects the group’s energies with a bit of tension as he steps on the EFX pedals. Whereas, the brisk pace and vibrancy continues during the piece titled "Algo Mas." Regardless, Weinstein and his band create a mood and overall vibe that provides a solid foundation for one’s imagination. You can dance to the music, analyze it or simply sit back and enjoy!

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