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Entre Cuerdas by Edmar Castaneda

This album is a mixture of influences: Columbian, Latin American, and the United States (mainly New York City where Castaneda now resides). The rhythmic sounds on the CD are derived from Flamenco, Joropo, Afro-Cuban, and funk. "Sabro Son" opens with a percussive array of plucks, slaps, and pops, leading to flamenco guitar like strums and piano like montuno figures from the harp, before the drums of Dave Silliman and the trombone of Marshall Gilkes enter to state the melody. The selection switches between various feels and ensemble passage before settling in on a nice Joropo, Afro-Cuban, and funk groove for the solo section. The bass line is syncopated and Castaneda builds his solo with long musical statements leading to a rhythmic frenzy (smiles). Special guest, guitarist John Schofield, provides a great musical statement with his solo over the ever evolving support of Castaneda and Silliman.

The ending of Castaneda‘s solo on "Entre Cuerdas" is remarkable. His use of rhythmic motifs that build to a logical conclusion is excellent. Gilkes trombone work throughout the CD is of the highest caliber, his use of colors and tone is inspiring, check out "Colombian Dixie." Joe Locke’s guest appearance on "Colibri" was one of the many highlights of this session. Of course, all these array of soundscapes is possible with the rhythmic support of drummer Dave Silliman.

This is an excellent collection of compositions inspired by the rhythms of Flamenco, Joropo, Afro-Cuban, and funk. The playing is wonderful and Castaneda is amazing! Go ahead, change your mood, improve your health, lower your stress level, and increase your attractiveness- get Edmar Castaneda’s CD Entre Cuerdas into your life, you will not regret it.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Edmar Castaneda
  • CD Title: Entre Cuerdas
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Artist Share
  • Tracks: Sabro Son, Entre Cuerdas, Jesus de Nazareth, Colibri, Song of Hope, Colombian Dixie, Canto, Looking Forward, and Afro Seis
  • Musicians: Edmar Castaneda (Harp), Dave Silliman (drums), and Marshall Gilkes (trombone), John Scofield (guitar), Andrea Tierra (vocal), Joe Locke (vibes), and Samel Torres (cajon)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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