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Imagination by Bill Cunliffe

Bill Cunliffe is an excellent jazz pianist with rhythms, sounds and technique his greatest characteristics. Cunliffe's latest release "Imagination" is sweet and easy to listen. He has gathered a talented horn section: Bob Sheppard on the flute and saxophone, Bobby Shew on the trumpet (jumpin’ all around), Kye Palmer and Arturo Velasco on trombones, swinging at their best. Bill charms audiences with his icily creative piano playing.

"El Optimista," "Do It Again," "Bone Crusher," "Afluencia," "Chucho," "Havana," "Heat Wave," "How High The Moon," "Pure Imagination" and "Flying High" are each played in a different way, making every track a new adventure. Camacho's bass holds a very nice strange connection with the cymbals. This bassist plays far forward - his slapping gives a distinctive flavour to every song. All the characters in this band talk with their own voice to make this release a virtuoso performance meeting of Latin jazz music.

Joey De Leon and Ramón Banda are totally in tandem with José "Papo" Rodriguez who plays excellent. This composer is continually pursuing new sounds and new forms. He is a real champion of collective improvisation and a jazzman that sticks to his music and constantly keeps up the search. José "Papo" Rodriguez is a legend, who has grown so large that nobody even discusses his skills on the instrument.

From chorus to chorus, Bill Cunliffe is a giant of modern salsa and without compromising the Latin identity has not shied away from incorporating classic influences into his music. With pure imagination, Cunliffe has expanded his musical palette still further by drawing on Cuban influences, modern jazz, funk, Latin and even flirting with hip-hop. His image is shiny and he sweetly injects soft movements into his music without ever becoming overwhelming.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Bill Cunliffe
  • CD Title: Imagination
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Torii Records
  • Tracks: El Optimista, Do It Again, Bone Crusher, Afluencia, Chucho, Havana, Heat Wave, How High The Moon, Pure Imagination, Flying High
  • Musicians: Bill Cunliffe (piano) Bob Sheppard (saxophone and flute), Bobby Shew, (trumpet) Kye Palmer (trumpet) Bruce Paulson (trombone), Arturo Velasco ( trombone), Rene Camacho (bass), Joey De Leon (percussion), Ramon Banda (drums), José “Papo” Rodriguez (percussion)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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