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Infinity by Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet

Infinity, the new CD from the Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet is a picture of Brazilian sunsets and Latin-dance splendor put into music and fringed with a splash of classic jazz motifs. Jazz trombonist Wallace along with bassist David Belove, keyboardist Murray Low, percussionist Michael Spiro, and drummer Paul van Wageningen use a palette of samba, bolero, mambo, cha-cha, and Latin-funk rhythms to paint a titillating rainbow of dancehall grooves and moonlight-patterned escapes. The tracks resonate with a shimmer that reels listeners in and holds their senses locked on the crackling percussive beats, the sporadic sonic sprinkles and the warm spacious harmonies. Wallace put together a collection of original material, standards, and Latin-jazz classics that weave in and out of each other with the mysterious matrix of a corn-maze. Produced by Wallace, Infinity climbs up another notch on Latin-jazz’s ladder and ensures that its luxuriating landscapes remain native to the Latin culture while also blending the multi-faceted elements of world jazz.

Acclaimed vocalist Jackie Ryan sings with ebullient gusto through Ira and George Gershwin’s classic number "Love Walked In," and moves with a graceful lilt along the willowy passages of Bernice Petkere‘s tune "Close Your Eyes." Wallace’s original track "Cha-Cha De Allegria" is spruced with the a mischievous springiness in the vibraphone chimes played by Roger Glenn, and the gleeful piano keys of Murray Low which hug the curves of the melody with a grip that shows an easy flexibility in his ministrations. Wallace’s trombone comes alive with deep-toned shudders in Freddie Hubbard’s jumping Latin-funk track "Straight Life/Mr. Clean," and turns to the subdued flutter of the melodica along the racks of lounging riffs through "As Cores Da Menina." Caribbean-flavored excitement pounces lightly through the title track and "Songo Colorado," as smooth classic jazz ruffles roam lazily along "Memories Of You." The instruments move with a deft sense of beauty making melodic strokes that know how to touch the heart of contentment. The quintet’s warm splashing and delicately sprayed sprinkles are beautifully woven into the melodic patterns like colorful pansies ornamenting a patch of unified toned daisies.

San Francisco native Wayne Wallace skillfully wields gifted instincts when it comes to arranging harmonies as he punctuates nuances that sweeten the melodic patterns to put the listener in a good mood. The music has a friendly air bridled in Latin-flavored rhythms and classic jazz accents. Wallace shows excellent team work, sharing the solo spots with the other members of the quintet and moving the melodic phrases with a suave nimbleness that is laudable. Wallace shows sophistication in his music while sprigged in blooms of spontaneous improvs. He moves easily between the two universes of America and Latin jazz, thereby, composing a world class jazz that abducts people’s senses and puts them in a mood of boundless contentment.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet
  • CD Title: Infinity
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Patois Records
  • Tracks: Infinity, Songo Colorado, As Cores Da Menina, Love Walked In, Memories Of You, TBA, Close Your Eyes, Cha-Cha De Alegria, Straight Life/Mr. Clean
  • Musicians: Wayne Wallace (tenor and alto trombones, tuba, melodica, vocals), David Belove (bass), Murray Low (piano, keyboards), Michael Spiro (congas, bata, guiro, requinto, timbales, shekere, cuica), Paul van Wageningen (trap drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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