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Latin Fire by Rebeca Mauleon

Hot Latin that is just so very cool with a touch of pure feminine energy that pulsates with every note. This is an extraordinary effort traveling in so many different directions that is just mesmerizes the listener. Self released in 2004 under Rumbeca Records, this mix of Latino sounds and lyrics is.... well, as "Fuego" translates her rhythm is burning, its on fire. Every note, tone, and beat ignites the juices of jazz. This is what Latin Jazz should be, sizzling with vehemence.

Composed and arranged in totality by Ms. Mauleón, what is so special about this production is that all involved are just letting their talents fly. No holding back , these musicians are one with their crafts and prove it through the sound they produce. Not a dull moment on this disk, from mambo to brass scatting it is all so very good and vibrant.

"Latin Fire" also has moments of softness and feel as is expressed in "Cuba Hermosa" known in English as Beautiful Cuba, an exquisite mix of piano and brass, with spoken/sung vocals. As explained in the lyrics it about their roots running deep into the past. Music aside, lyrics scribed to this project are equal as to the excitement and fervor the music delivers. Making the total package a joy to spin.

Notice as well with most cuts the distinct introductions to each piece, allowing the innovation of Ms. Mauleón and troop to attach themselves to our liking. You will feel this as you listen to "A La Rumba" a straightforward piece of musical artistry.

The entire experience one lifts from the first spin electrifies the urges to reach out for more. They arrangements are so beautiful and rich with flow, it is a jazz listeners quintessential Latin round tripper.... . For it takes you there and back never loosing altitude!

As for Ms. Mauleón’s pianist ability, I will allow it to speak to you and hold all comments. You do the listen so to speak!

Latin Fire is never to be put out amidst the common plays, this is just too good to extinguish!

Karl Stober is a national freelance music journalist/interviewer. Any inquiries or requests should be directed via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact his office at 802-380-6065.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rebeca Mauleon
  • CD Title: Latin Fire
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Rumbeca Records
  • Tracks: Batamambo, Cuba Hermosa, Fuego, A La Rumba, Te Canto Puerto Rico, Ritmo Caribeno, Ven Conmigo, La Ventana, CuBrazil, PaLante
  • Musicians: Rebeca Mauleón (Piano/Vocals), Numerous Artists
  • Rating: Three Stars
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