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Out of Sight by Poncho Sanchez

In the Pop world both Usher and Prince are calling for a return to R&B grooves in their latest CD’s. It happens in Reggae with a periodic call to return to roots. It happened in Jazz after Be-Bop’s excesses painted itself into a corner and Jazz artists wanted to get back to the funk. Now in Latin Jazz - Poncho Sanchez also is returning to the R&B roots of his childhood and the Black Popular music of the 1960’s. He started out as a singer in his teens striving to imitate the master James Brown. "Out of Sight" brings in Billie Preston and Ray Charles as well as former Brown band mates Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis to create this personal version of Funk -Latin Jazz Fusion. The secret is all of these rhythms share the same ultimate source- Africa. The Genre categories of Jazz are artificial- it is all about the feeling and the real deal feeling is Black. "Out of Sight" is also a tribute to the late Mongo Santamaria who was one of the first Cuban artists to use popular rhythms of the 60’s to make serious music. His tribute is performed by the legendary Francisco Aquabella on overdubbed Bata Drums on "El Tambor Del Mongo"- one of Pianist and Musical Director David Torres’ three exceptional originals on this release. There is also a rendition of Eddie Palmieri’s "Conmigo" from La Perfecta - another artist who can funk it up with the best of them. Poncho has thrown off the dubious and meaningless label recently given to him "The King of Latin Jazz". It was neither asked for nor appreciated by him. As an artist he has exercised his God given right to just have a good time and play what feels right to him. As the Bible says - without love there is nothing- and in Jazz it is love that keeps the music real and strong . But Duke Ellington said it best " It don’t mean a thing if it don’t have that swing". Swing on Poncho.

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