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Siguiendo la Tradición by Steve Guasch y Su Orquesta Nueva Era

Steve Guasch y su Orquesta Nueva Era is a Latin jazz band from Seattle, Washington. Their goal is to combine the music of salsa with Latin jazz. Siguiendo la Tradición is full of good singers, a tight brass section, an exciting rhythm section, and awesome solos.

The meaning of Siguiendo la Tradición is keeping the tradition. In reality, this is a perfect name for the album since its whole purpose is to play the music of Guasch’s heritage. Six of the songs feature the lead vocalists Eddie Quintero and Danny Olaizola. All of the lyrics are in Spanish which makes the band sound more like a salsa band. The five back up vocalists give good support to the lead singing of Eddie Quintero and Danny Olaizola.

The brass section along with the sax playing of Ted Dortch is together, in tune, and provides a certain energy that propels the vocalists forward. Te horn section is not only for background, but plays without the vocalists on five tunes. The trombone section is strong and has great balance. The trumpets play light, but tight and powerful. The bari work of Dortch provides some variety from the brass and vocals. The most impressive thing about the horn section is that they can all solo. Nine out of the ten horn players take solos, which showcases their understanding and knowledge of the Latin jazz genre.

The rhythm section of the band lays down a Latin beat that keeps energy going through the whole band. The congas, played by Steve Guasch and Paoli Mejías act as the drum set in a traditional jazz band. They keep the time going with interesting rhythmic lines. Guasch also plays the bongos and maracas. The piano playing of Julio Jáuregui and Ignacio "Nachito" Herrera gives intriguing counter melodic lines. They also play great solos in the Latin style.

This CD combines the styles of Latin jazz and salsa in a unique way. The solos, and overall feel and energy make this CD a good addition to your Latin jazz collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Steve Guasch y Su Orquesta Nueva Era
  • CD Title: Siguiendo la Tradición
  • Genre: Latin Jazz / Latin Funk
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Salsaneo Records
  • Tracks: Aquí Te Traigo Sabrosura, My Favorite Things, Me Muero Por Mirarte, Charlie the Giant, Velveeta, Mi Lindo Puerto Rico, South of the Boulevard, Haciendo Camino, Busquenla, Solar, Softly (as in the morning sunrise)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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