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A Place In My Heart by Jim Wilson

Out of the depths of the mass of instrumental jazz there is a rare spark, which ignites our attention, with no rhyme or reasonable explanation we turn our heads and listen. Maybe not so different is the sound or arrangement however the difference is in how the resonance makes us feel and recall. Jim Wilson’s A Place In My Heart released by Artemis Nashville is an exhibition in emotion. The keys just seem to touch that feel we all had and will again.

The ivories in many of the pieces deserve the highest of recognition for the arrangements actually picture the sound. For example in "Eagles Flight" one can look out amongst the blanket of clouds and hear the sore of the mighty and domestic icon of courage as it makes its journey to parts unknown. The same occurs in "Hunter’s Moon" for the exotic trek of the hunter is seen through the notes on the scale. All of which the listener examines as this technique of Mr. Wilson’s seemly materializes without any real sound explanation.

"Foolish Me" offers the vocal talents of Mr. Wilson to enhance the arrangement. Written by Wilson, as all are, this is a cut that bleeds real life experience with a mastery of very talented musicians developing the background. The keyboard has a dramatic effect on this sound a very nice piece.

One point made through the abundant talent of this musician/writer/composer is that there is much more to come. Mr. Wilson has a gift, which expands further than most could even hope for. As for this offering exquisite is the only way to give it justice. A Place In Your Heart has a place in yours!

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jim Wilson
  • CD Title: A Place In My Heart
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Artemis Nashville
  • Tracks: Morning On Cannery Row, A Place In My Heart, Sanctuary, Eagle’s Flight (featuring Chris Botti), Hunter’s Moon, California, Foolish Me, Avalon Ballroom 1934 (featuring Lili Hayden), If The Morning Never Comes (featuring Marilyn Martin), Luna de La Jolla, Sanctuary (Reprise)
  • Musicians: Jim Wilson (vocals, piano); Dillon OBrian & Marilyn Martin (vocals); Davey Johnstone & Heitor Pereira & Ricardo Silveira & Ty Stevens (guitar); Marvin Etzioni (mandolin); Lili Hayden & Kristen Autry (violin); Briana Bandy (viola); Sharon Rizzo (cello); Eric Rigler (flute); Chris Botti (trumpet); Robbie Buchanan
  • Rating: Three Stars
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