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Fresh Brew by Gary Farr

"Fresh Brew" sounds more like yesterday’s coffee grounds. This recording features primarily Gary Farr on keyboards and programming. It’s something that he’s tinkered with, presumably at home, for the last few years. He writes: "This was a project which started in 1999 and continued off and on until 2004." And, it sounds that he added various tracks from various musicians at various times. But, the result is very much a home recording with layers of tracks. It does not feel spontaneous, but contrived. He continues: "I found myself letting it go for a few months and picking it up again and again. I revamped several of the original tracks adding hits and licks here and there until I was 100% happy with the finished product."

The music itself is a jazz-rock fusion that is at times bouncy, tepid, and self-important. It is harmless stuff, but hardly rigorous. Most of the music can easily serve as wall-paper. But some pieces like ‘Gary’s World’ are strange hybrids. It sounds like Aliens in Arabia. Is that a flying saucer arriving in the desert and did it make a severe navigational error? Should it have landed instead in a Hollywood back-lot? ‘A Light Spring Rain’ plays as if it is Saturday Night Live parody of "Deep Moments." And ‘New AGEnt’ is exactly that. It is a James Bond riff gone New Age. It conjures up images that I’m trying seriously to repress.

"Fresh Brew" is one weird little album.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gary Farr
  • CD Title: Fresh Brew
  • Genre: Fusion
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Secret Formula Records
  • Tracks: Fresh Brew, Jazz in the House, A Little Sun Shower, Tuscany Wine, You Love Me, Space Run, Gray Eyes, Norasian Climate, Gary’s World, Watered Down, A Light Spring Rain, Deep Blue Waters, New AGEnt, Up & Up, Lullaby for Nora, Pour It On
  • Musicians: Gary Farr (keyboards, programming), Billy Ross (tenor and soprano saxophone), Craig Pichanick (drums), Doug Michaels (trumpets), Mitch Farber (guitar), John Kricker (trombone), Jeanne Tarrant (flute), Ron Fattorusso (tenor saxophone), Juan Natividad (trumpet), Marianne Jansen (voices)
  • Rating: One Star
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