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Pastellic Reflections by Joe Battaglia and Terrence McManus

Pastellic Reflections also equal musical reflections. Bringing together acoustic guitar and classical guitars, Joe Battaglia and Terrence McManus have come together to make this album, a reflective journey that sometimes can lead to places unknown.

When the thoughts of a guitar-driven album, especially when it combines two guitars from different fields comes to mind, some may wonder how it is going to work. Who will lead? Who will follow? For Pastellic Reflections and Battaglia and McManus, not one of them is the leader.

The title track could be the savior of the album. Through blended lines by both, this song could be the best on the album. The song "White Blood Cells" really does show off McManus and Battaglia working together to create one thing. Just like white blood cells, this moves slow, but at an even pace throughout.

Coming in at nine minutes in length, "Primaevus" is great closer. The buildup between McManus and Battaglia is excellent. It is almost conversational between the two, with both holding their own, both are telling their story within the frame work of this song and it makes sense.

Pastellic Reflections may not be for everyone. Joe Battaglia and Terrence McManus have a good album here. Some of the songs seem to go nowhere at times, but that is just a fall back of a same instrument album, that is not their fault in any way. Desolation. We may not be desolated by the album, but we will be changed of heart, especially for the two-guitar format.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joe Battaglia and Terrence McManus
  • CD Title: Pastellic Reflections
  • Genre: New Age
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Flattened Planet Records
  • Tracks: Dream Chain, Pastellic Reflections, White Blood Cells, Industrial Evolution, Desolation, Andalusia, Primaevus.
  • Musicians: Joe Battaglia (acoustic guitar), Terrence McManus (classical guitar).
  • Rating: Three Stars
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