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Between Midnight and Dawn by Tyrone Brown String Sextet

It's really hard to place what Tyrone Brown is trying to do or trying to accomplish. It's very obvious that Tyrone Brown loves swing, gypsy swing, as well as Sephardic music. On a positive note, it can be said that Tyrone Brown is trying his hardest to bring string instruments back into the jazz focus. This album is a definitive feature for his bass chops. He has an extremely warm tone, focused improvisational ideas, and would fit in with any piano trio or jazz combo extremely well. The thought a listener would have here is if he just has an affinity for strings, or if Brown is just more comfortable with strings backing him up.

As aforementioned, there is an obvious nod to Sephardic-tinged music within this album with the strings displaying the shifting half-step chords over and over again as if they were carrying on a drone. Tyrone Brown must be a fan and supporter of John Zorn's Masada String Trio, and his Bar Kokhba project, because that is coming up as the major Sephardic and Arabic style influences within the album.

It can also be said that Brown must deeply admire the gypsy stylings of Stephane Grappelli with Django Reinhardt. The hot swing numbers have that minor key to them and a pulsating swing feel. Definitely toe-tappin' and worthy of praise.

This album is for anyone who digs string instruments within the jazz idiom. This album is great for light background music at parties, and small gatherings. It would be more advantageous for Brown to nestle himself within a traditional jazz combo with the stupendous tone that he has. This album only received two stars for the sound quality and for the lack of diversity.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Tyrone Brown String Sextet
  • CD Title: Between Midnight and Dawn
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Dreambox Media
  • Tracks: Between Midnight and Dawn, Brisa, Momentos Silenciosos, Astral Zone, Her Majesties Danze, Uzuri-An Ode to Beauty, Cloud Flowers, No Time for Tears, Love Lite, Uncharted Voyages
  • Musicians: John Blake, Melissa Ortega Locati (violins), Beth Dzwil, Nina Cottman (violas), Ron Lipscomb (cello), Tyrone Brown (bass), Jim Miller, Craig McIver, Bill Jones (drums), William "Duke" Wilson, Daoud Shaw (percussion)
  • Rating: Two Stars
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