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Miniatures by Paper Moon

A lot of presence. That’s how I’d best describe Paper Moon, a two-year-old guitar duo with a unique and diverse background. Scot Taber is trained in flamenco and classical guitar, while his string-mate, German-born Daniel Dever, started out as a country music lead guitarist. I’d say that’s a pretty interesting mix of musical cultures.

This album starts off with a hot Latin piece, "Rayuela," to set one of the many moods present in this collection. That’s followed by a catchy little offering called "Upside." The album then bounces back to the Latin mode with "The Freneticist," a very melodious and sunny cut, though not frenetic, as its name might imply. A slower, chord-heavy strumfest follows on "While She Sleeps."

There is plenty of melodic salsa "juice" on this album. While this may not be the most exciting project I’ve heard, it satisfies. Lazy in spots, spicy in others, the arrangements are unique and tasteful. There are moments when you hear a bit of the laudable style that is Acoustic Alchemy (check out tracks "Al Coda" and "White On," respectively my favorites here), though not as intense or flavorful as tunes rendered by the better known guitar sensations from across the Atlantic. Granted, one would have to be in the mood for Miniatures; however, even if you’re not, you’ll find plenty that could motivate a bit of foot-tapping and air guitar.

This is actually good, refreshing material. These two gentlemen are certainly talented composers, and they can play! That alone gets them a second listen from inquiring ears, I would think.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Paper Moon
  • CD Title: Miniatures
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Paper Moon Music
  • Tracks: Rayuela, Upside, The Frenticist, While She Sleeps, Swing Set, Vals- Tema De Strauss, Cafe Antiguo, Al Coda, White On, Epilogue, Emily
  • Musicians: Scott Taber & Daniel Dever (acoustic & electric guitars)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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