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Passions and Prayers -- Sextet in hommage to Jerusalem by Yitzhak Yedid

Israeli composer/pianist Yitzhak Yedid merges a chamber-jazz program into a deeply personalized spin on the strife, violence and solemn overtones relating to the Holy City of Jerusalem. With his latest release, for Germany’s Between the Lines record label, this well-schooled musician generates gobs of emotive sentiment here.

Yedid masterfully conveys the often-dour and complex sociological and religious circumstances surround Jerusalem via his use of space, sublime attributes that often-parallel the strings and horns choruses. On "Part 1," Yedid implements lower register clusters in linear fashion, where notions of climbing stairs come to mind, followed by calamitous horns and airy, ensemble rendered unison lines. Throughout these rather cerebral works, Yedid fuses structure with improvisation. Violaist Galia Hai periodically generates seething staccato embellishments to inject moments of pathos, while other passages feature pumping grooves and vertically inclined motifs. Nonetheless, the performers dig deep from within as they seemingly extract their inner sanctums to accentuate the adventurous plot.

Yedid renders a mini, solo classical recital on "Part 4," to coincide with the band’s fractured movements and French Hornist Alon Reuven’s vocal-like pronouncements. To that end, Yedid once again surfaces as an artiste who is able to transform his craft into visceral notions that will most assuredly prod the listeners’ mind and soul.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Yitzhak Yedid
  • CD Title: Passions and Prayers -- Sextet in hommage to Jerusalem
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Between the Lines
  • Rating: Four Stars
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