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Preface by OneUpOneDown

A lot of great music has come out of Canada. This piece is no exception. OneUpOneDown is a duo that will get your attention. Their soft, sophisticated sounds cascade from the speakers into the depths of your mind. Mellow tones envelop you and put you in a relaxed state reminiscent of a walk in the park during early autumn.

The talent of these two gentlemen is rarely rivaled in this day and age, and they work together so well, one would almost have to assume they share one mind as far as their music is concerned.

Mr. Shrofel can massage the keys of his piano in such a delicate manner and releases such passion through the fingers. One word comes to mind.... magical. This kind of skill only comes from a deep, sincere love for his instrument of choice. There are many great pianists out there, but the style brought forth in this CD is unsurpassed in works of the past couple of decades.

The saxophone is one (if not the) most sensual of all instruments in jazz. The sounds are like a warm, lulling breeze to the senses. Not only is it played superbly by Mr. Wallis, but I feel he breathes his very life and soul through it. It becomes a part of him. An extension of his being.

This is truly an expression of the love for this musical art form we call our beloved jazz. Two more fine musicians have yet to be heard this century. Wonderful work!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: OneUpOneDown
  • CD Title: Preface
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: OneUpOneDown
  • Tracks: Mile by Mile, Voldemort, Interlude: Hymn, My Shadows, Even Angels Fall, Voice of Reason, Interlude: Return to Purity, Finger Painting, Nocturne
  • Musicians: Cameron Wallis (saxophones), Paul Shrofel (piano)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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