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Te Amo Tango by Raul Jaurena

First of all, when reading the musician credits, some of you may ask: What in the world is a bandoneón? Happy to provide some education on the subject, my friends. The bandoneón is an instrument that looks and often sounds like an accordion. It’s very popular in Argentina and plays an essential role in the "orquesta típica," the tango orchestra. Unlike the piano accordion, the bandoneón does not have keyboards per se, but has buttons on both sides. The late Argentinean classicist and tango king, Astor Piazzolla, was a leading exponent of the bandoneón.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I should also mention that Raul Jaurena, the Uruguayan king of tango, is regarded as one of the most prominent bandoneonist in the U.S. I can say that, having never been exposed to his rich and articulate style, I was more than a little impressed with his handling of this utterly romantic dance music. When we think "tango," most of us envision a couple proudly striding in tempo across a dance floor with sturdy, deliberate steps, heads thrown back in a moment filled with a hint of arrogance and pomp, clutching outstretched hands---and maybe displaying a rose between the teeth for dramatic effect. Well, Raul Jaurena may conjure up that much-accepted image, but he brings something much more to Te Amo Tango. Accompanied by expressive and sometimes anxious violins and lusty, robust vocals filled to the brim with all of the sexiness that Latin music brings, something inexplicably rich and mesmerizing happens here. "A Mancuso," "Tatoneando" (with its mood swings), and "La Cumparsita" come to mind as a few of the more punctuating pieces, although the entire album is unmistakably tango.

Te Amo Tango is an album that I would think one has to take very seriously if you know anything at all about the tango culture. Be not afraid to sample this, if for no more reason than to open that one portal in your mind that leads to lands unexplored. Oh, no doubt that this may catch smooth jazzers by surprise, but, sometimes, certain "left turns" wind up landing you in rather interesting places where you’d even consider staying awhile.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Raul Jaurena
  • CD Title: Te Amo Tango
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Soundbrush Records
  • Tracks: A Mancuso, Danza Para Un Bandoneón/Bandoneón Arrabalero, Tatoneando, La Pirulita, La Cumparsita, Guruyense, Con el Corazón al Sur, Better Late Than Never, Espera, Prometedora, Noches del Odeón, Yuyito, El Botija, New York Gotan
  • Musicians: Raul Jaurena (bandoneón), Alejandra Moreira & Lya Perez (violins), Stella Maris Gonzalez (viola), Lucrecia Basaldua (violoncello), Sergio Mouro (contrabass), Octavo Brunetti (piano), Marga Mitchell (vocals)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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