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The Frank & Joe Show 66 2/3 by Frank Vignola & Joe Ascione

Ahh, the mood. The Frank & Joe Show 66 2/3 fills the heart with a musical assortment showcasing the dynamite skills and personalities of the artists involved celebrating north, south, east and west. They even throw in a little Hungarian dance number.

Memories flood back to gentler times with It Might As Well Be Spring

Crystal clear, heavenly voiced Jane Monheit croons oh so smoothly through Manhattan.

Graced by Dave Valentin’s flute on Quizas, the group goes southwest into gringo territory with a lively staccato performance by Frank Vignola.

All over the map, the musicians do a spunky rendition of Hungarian Dance No. 5.

Let It Happen is a snappy little diddy showing off the percussion

City Samba showcases a smoother guitar, and a rolling percussion. Still perky, yet, a little more flowing.

Slower tempo, Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans is an easy listening, gentle to follow, familiar tune, in a true southern pace.

Janis Siegel’s rich voice makes Glow Wormcome alive with melody.

This fun album travels the riches of this country and the skills of the musicians who bring the sound alive.

After more then 15 years together, Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione have perfected their act and they’re taking it on the road.

From the accolades in the liner notes, along with a rich and developed story of this dynamic duo’s ascension to stardom, to the final tune on the CD, The Frank & Joe Show 66 2/3 is definitely worth the listen again, and again, and again....

But, that's just what you'd expect from these guys and master producer Joel Dorn. They've done it again.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Frank Vignola & Joe Ascione
  • CD Title: The Frank & Joe Show 66 2/3
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Hyena Records
  • Tracks: It Might As Well Be Spring, My Prayer, Manhattan, Quizas, Sway, Hungarian Dance No. 5, After Hours, Let It Happen, City Samba, Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans, Bach Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin>Mozart Jam, Thats All
  • Musicians: Frank Vignola: guitar, Joe Ascione: percussion, Ken Smith: guitar, Gary Mazzaroppi, Mark Egan, Joel Forbes & Frank Vignola: bass, Chuck Ferruggia: percussion, Rick Zukor: percussion. Special guests: Jane Monheit, Janis Siegel, Dave Valentin & Mark Egan
  • Rating: Five Stars
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