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Thunk by Mr. Basista

Let’s get this one thing straight: Thunk is not jazz by any interpretation. Electronica? By a stretch. Techno rap?. Well, if nothing else, those among us who are truly open-mind listeners will appreciate the vast difference in the delivery of this rather odd project. The album, the brainchild of one "Mr. Basista," an "ex Juice FM host, freestyle lyricist and longtime Def Con artist," touts itself as an "experimental journey in the freestyle, unconscious mind.... " Experimental, it may well be, and it may have to reach the unconscious mind for truly appreciable comprehension.

At one point, Basista, stated that he wants to make something "musicky" because that what he’s been doing for quite awhile now. Personally, I had a lot of trouble catching anything that resembled what I might consider "musicky." The lack of melody, direction, intelligible lyrics, instruments, or mood made this project a bit difficult to follow indeed.

Still, the boldness of the effort does not go unnoticed by this reviewer. To step out on a ledge as wide as that of R&B and jazz (and even new age and electronica) with a project like this takes a lot of courage, and that is to be commended. Maybe some of the elements here can somehow, someday be intertwined with these subgenres to make a much more "workable" project for a gentleman who obviously has fun trying new things.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mr. Basista
  • CD Title: Thunk
  • Genre: Other
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: MRBCD
  • Tracks: Thunk, Bait King, Call From London, Rupert THe Bare, Mum, Sticks, Booda, Dad and Me, Alien, Dubai, Bazziist, Shouts Too
  • Rating: One Star
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