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Autumn Shuffle by Peder Af Ugglas

For guitarist Peder Af Ugglas, having a varied musical upbringing has only helped him grow as a musician. Autumn Shuffle is a captivating session featuring Ugglas's various styles of playing. He is at home playing the blues, rock or jazz with soul and conviction. Some of his early influences include Armstrong, The Rolling Stones and Jan Johansson. Ugglas also plays percussion, bass, and keyboards. Ugglas wrote all the compositions.

Flowing in a sea of tranquility, "Wino's Dance" features Ugglas in a meditative mood. With a clear open sound, Ugglas sails through every phrase as if dancing on moonbeams.

From a distance, one can hear a sound, not yet defined. Ugglas emerges with a pensive sounding guitar. Every note is used to maximum effect. Listen carefully and you can hear Ugglas searching for new ideas, and ways to get his thoughts across. "Passion" is a fluent piece of music.

Hamrin's delicate harmonica sets the mood for another tranquil journey. Ugglas's breezy sounds are hypnotic and provocative. "Dawn" is such a beautiful melody.

Twisting and turning each string into a new adventure, Ugglas performs in a forthright style. Utilizing harmonics and creative strumming, "Strife Within" is a positive statement showcasing diversity, direction and raw talent.

Opening up the road to further adventure, "A Hymn" is a suitable tune to end a most rewarding recording. Notes are drawn out reminiscent of Roy Buchanan's epic style. Such feeling and passion are on display throughout.

Ugglas is a multi-faceted musician who possesses a sense of exploration that can only broaden with time. Autumn Shuffle contains many memorable moments. Well-chosen musicians, along with first-rate performances make this a recording of note. Whether on keyboards, percussion or guitar, Ugglas gives his all, resulting in pieces of music that can be enjoyed again and again.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Peder Af Ugglas
  • CD Title: Autumn Shuffle
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Opus 3
  • Rating: Four Stars
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