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Fossileyes by The Red Masque

This progressive-rock band hailing from the Philadelphia area partakes in slanted iterations of social consciousness amid elements of the macabre, while seamlessly fusing numerous rock stylizations into its signature sound. With hard-hitting time changes and complex arrangements, the unit purveys hidden meanings under a mysterious veil in concert with guitarist Andrew Kowal’s scathing crunch chords and more.

Featuring Lynette Shelley’s edgy vocals atop the band’s darkly resonating choruses and harrowing background treatments, they morph elements of goth-rock into the big picture. Yet they forge the acoustic component into inferences of highly-electrified notions that ring up dour circumstances. All in good fun mind you, as the quartet projects an interweaving adventure via the occasional King Crimson-like metrics, chock full of odd-metered pulses and avant-rock style breakdowns.

On the pieces titled "Lost in the Petrified Forest" and "The Hive," the musicians fuse an apocalyptic state of affairs into an endless void, largely teeming with cartoonish imagery. Then with the album finale "The Anti-Man (Not Afraid)," they instill a sense of prog-rock barbarism, complement by off-kilter phrasings, chunka-chunka guitar parts, layered keys and shadowy effects. No doubt, the artists offer a scintillating sequence of mind-bending propositions that adds to the overall excitement. Its all supplemented by their top-notch musicianship and shrewdly enacted line of attack.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Red Masque
  • CD Title: Fossileyes
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Ad Hoc
  • Rating: Four Stars
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