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M.O.S. by Ingar Zach

With his second solo release for Norway’s SOFA record label, percussionist Ingar Zach spawns a strange, yet accessible panorama on this mind-bending studio session recorded in Spain. To augment drums, bells and cymbals, Zach employs a gran cassa, which is a horizontal bass drum, housing a resonating membrane that spawns an array of metrics and tones. He’s a crafty vet however, evidenced by unexpected cymbals hits, frenetic jangling bells and droning extended note backdrops. Zach is a musically-minded percussionist with a connoisseur’s palate.

On the lone piece simply titled “1,” Zach abides by a minimalistic approach to complement subtle tonal changes and mystical treatments via this electro-acoustic program, marked by gradually ascending climaxes and resonating layers of sound. Not many drummers or percussionists can pull this off, but Zach paints a broad horizon, offset by shifting wind currents and variable hues.

Think of a slowly spiraling object, enamored with metronome-like rhythmic patterns and offset by prismatic rays of light. In effect, Zach creates a wonderland for the mind’s eye, here on this album that offers yet another testament to this record label’s forward-thinking convictions. Where other percussionist’s seem content on flaunting their techniques, Zach’s refined musical statements project gobs of depth and mood-evoking undercurrents that spark more than just a few tantalizing propositions.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ingar Zach
  • CD Title: M.O.S.
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Record Label: SOFA
  • Rating: Five Stars
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