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Odds And Unevens by Brown Vs Brown

The band moniker might intimate the premise for a USA Supreme Court ruling. However, it’s a finely-tuned and irrefutably explosive prog-rock unit emanating from Holland. On this engagement, the musicians project a combustible regimen that spots minute inferences from classic Euro jazz-rock in concert with a forward-thinking impetus.

The quartet mingles popping reeds with odd-metered cadences and olden style King Crimson weightiness among other factors, morphed into a distinct group-centric sound. Simply stated, the musicians aim to keep the listeners on the edge; although, they balance the program with breezy overtones and cosmic blasts. During this musical journey, the band executes complex and downright nasty grooves to complement the abundance of off-kilter detours, shaded with polytonal treatments.

Driving pulses and nanosecond-like shifts in strategy are supplemented by sustainable themes and numerous contrasts, spanning crunchy guitar chords, airy vocals, avant-jazz and slices of experimental rock. Contrasts abound throughout this jubilant feast for the heart and soul, as reedman Dirk Bruinsma shreds soaring licks with guitarist Jeroen Kimman. Needless to state, the musicians often slam matters into overdrive to counter the lighthearted motifs, encompassing a precision-oriented modus operandi.

On "Sirens All Around Us," they project semblances of a cataclysmic explosion, enhanced by Bruinsma’s extended sax notes, and the rhythm section’s brooding frameworks. Folks, this is a no-wimp zone and not an album for the meek and mild. Consequently, it’s a tour-de-force that radiates an uncannily cohesive program, given the innumerable intricacies and conveyance of raw firepower.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Brown Vs Brown
  • CD Title: Odds And Unevens
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2010
  • Record Label: Cuneiform Records
  • Musicians: Viljam Nybacka (bass, vocals), Dirk Bruinsma (saxophones, vibraphone, vocals), Gerri Jager (drums, percussion, vocals), Jeroen Kimman (guitar, banjo, percussion, harmonium, recorders, thumb piano, vocals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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