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Sphere by Karcius

As human beings we all have different feelings,emotions, and "moods" that we get in, and these change from time to time,even by the minute for some of us. Happy and joyful calls for something up tempo with a good beat. Sad and lonesome might be something a little slower with more emotion.Nobody knows what fits your moods better than you, and sometimes even you're not sure. That is when it is time for Karcius ,a diversified powerhouse out of Montreal Canada. Karcius is made up of four excellent musicians dedicated to creating new textures, and sounds and should rest assured that they have delivered the "goods".

The problem with most progressive bands is that they overload the music with pretentious talent and forget about the emotion, of course musicians need a certain amount of aesthetic value to challenge the listener, but if it is not conveyed in a common language then it will only lose the listener. However this is not a problem for Karcius. Of course hard core jazz purist will not enjoy Karcius, they are not traditional jazz, they are not traditional anything. They have a definite heavy metal side to them ranging from the deep dark grooves of the heavy giants of the past such as Cream, and Deep Purple to modern metal masters like Tool, and Metallica. The flipside of this Canadian quartet includes influences that might remind listeners of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew line-up or even Weather Report.The bands that I am listing are only provided to give the reader some idea of what to expect, and that I am not trying to put my finger on the Karcius sound, King Kong would not be able to put a finger on that.

Karcius is a fun, and energetic band who are not afraid to push the musical boundaries which they are all well prepared to do. All four members of Karcius are well trained and schooled in the art of music making. Before falling in love with the bass guitar Dominique Blouin studied piano, his influences now range from Tony Levin to Les Claypool. Guitarist Simon L'Esperance started playing at age 11, he studies and plays all styles of music and also moonlights in a jazz-funk trio "Mangroove". Keyboardist Mingan Sauriol only recently fell in love with his instrument of choice and rapidly took to it like a fish to water, his influences range from Chick Corea to Beethoven. Thomas Brodeur started playing drums at a very early age exploring different genres such as Jazz, Latin, and Rock his influences seem to include anybody who has ever picked up a pair of sticks.

The bands objective is to develop different musical ideas and explore styles to generate a surprising and diversified music. In closing I would just like to thank Karcius for being themselves and following their passion.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Karcius
  • CD Title: Sphere
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Reissue Original Release: 2001
  • Record Label: Unicorn Digital
  • Rating: Three Stars
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