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Thinking Out Loud by Trey Wright

Thinking Out Loud by Atlanta, GA-based Trey Wright Trio, raises the bar for energized, collaborative and highly listenable guitar, bass and drum trio music. Pay attention while taking in the compositions. Each tuned-in musician contributes highly relevant musical ideas challenging and complimenting the group. Sure the musicians use hands and fingers to strike notes, deliver chords and hit drums and cymbals. However, it’s not the pick, the sticks or fingers alone which make this recording. What then, you ask? The ears simply take lead. The Trey Wright Trio is an intensely attentive, selfless mix of musicians completely connected to what is going on around them. The result: outstanding individual and trio playing fitting the title Thinking Out Loud.

Trey Wright’s original tunes are clean yet edgy, never over-composed and ripe with improvisational green space. His soloing uses the intended leg room and is played with an efficiency of order, motion and energy.

The guitar sound is seductive. Technique and skills are simply a means to an end. Mr. Wright plays what fits, no more, no less and does so with self-assurance.

Drummer, composer and co-producer Marlon Patton is a magician at phrasing with his drums and cymbals. His flowing style produces fresh twists at every turn, rarely with repetition. He plays with a never-look back, understated confidence. Mr. Patton owns the ability to instantly take what he feels and express it with delicate precision. Try to appreciate what he hears, because it is his listening that translates so well into the music he creates on the drums.

Bassist Marc Miller supports the compositional structure and offers buttery improvisational work. He is patient with his notes and very often felt but not heard. Mr. Miller is a remarkably tasteful bassist.

What about the music? Statements (musical or conversational) made under the umbrella cliché of "thinking out loud" often result in particles of incomplete thought. Good ideas? Maybe, but many times these fragments lose the spirit of the original idea. Why? The time and additional work required for deeper development of the thought will evaporate the original idea. Poof, gone is the nugget itself. The members of the Trey Wright Trio have made music (thought out loud) together so many times that they complete/compliment each other’s musical sentences leaving few if any above mentioned particles on the cutting room floor. Bravo!

Wrapped in this recording are seven original compositions by Trey Wright and one by Marlon Patton. Two other selections are interpretations of "Blow Up the Outside World" written by Chris Cornell of Sound Garden and "Analyse" by Thom Yorke of the Radiohead. All are worth many plays.

What were they thinking? Listen as the Trey Wright Trio goes about Thinking Out Loud and decide for yourself. More out loud thinking please!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Trey Wright
  • CD Title: Thinking Out Loud
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Blue Canoe Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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