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Vol 1. Kolkhoznitsa by Kolkhöze Printanium

This album by a French band that incorporates so many disparate styles into a singular group-centric voice stands as one of the surprise outings for me, during the 2008 calendar year. It’s a mesmeric journey indeed, where notions of an apocalyptic event, all in good fun mind you, is morphed with elements of German space-rock, avant-rock, free-jazz and King Crimson style, odd-metered rhythms. With hazy EFX treatments intermixed with French spoken word, the band pursues oddball discourses with bone-crunching guitar licks, and rapidly-paced walls of sound.

The quintet tosses a few curveballs into the overall mix, where Hugues Mayot’s frenzied sax phrasings occasionally give way to Paul Brousseau’s quirky keys and sinuous sound-wave patterns. They temper the largely torrid prog-rock pulses with harrowing EFX movements and creaky voices. In effect, the band transmits lucid imagery of this crazy mixed-up world we live in. And while all lyrics are iterated in French, the basis for the program seems to be rooted within Brousseau’s comps that are centered upon a King, Queen and Princess.

On the piece titled "Ssen Soupape," Jean Phillippe Morel’s heavy electric bass lines pave the way for wailing saxes and rusty EFX sounds amid crashing percussion and screaming guitar licks. Here, they signal an ominous state of affairs and in other spots, they ring up notions of classic ‘70s era progressive-rock, complete with majestic themes. Sure enough, the ensemble doles out the complete package during the preponderance of this complex, and irrefutably interesting studio date. You’ll likely hear previously undetected musical treats on subsequent listens. Play it loud as they say....

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Kolkhöze Printanium
  • CD Title: Vol 1. Kolkhoznitsa
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: DAutres Cordes Records'
  • Musicians: Paul Brousseau (keyboards, voice, snare drums), Maxime Delpierre (e-guitar, effects), Hugues Mayot (sax tenor, soprano), Phillippe Gleizes (drums, percussions), Jean Phillippe Morel (e-bass, effects)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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