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Theres No Place Like Home by Southern Jazz featuring Ted Borodofsky

For those who enjoy Dixieland jazz, this is a wonderful new release, one that will really grab you and give you a healthy jolt of happy jazz sounds! Dr. Ted Borodofsky on clarinet is a man who knows his instrument, and he shares the joy of the sounds it gives with the listeners, aided by an excellent band of performers. Homer Pruitt really gives us a invigorating trip with his excellent piano work as do the other musicians. This is CD of love, and each musician is a perfect craftsman with perfect performances!

This is a 14 selection CD, and the listener gets his or her money's worth with it! Such selections as "Sweet Georgia Borwn," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "Margie," George Gershwin's "Oh, Lady Be Good," "Tin Roof Blues," "You Are My Sunshine," among others are heard, along with a remarkable version of "Up A Lazy River."

When I was playing piano several eons ago, I always found Dixieland sounds enjoyable to work with and play, although I always ended up playing stride jazz and improvisational jazz with a latin touch as my personal approaches to jazz piano!! But to this day, I still love to hear a fine Dixieland jazz pianist play, and Homer Pruitt is one fine pianist, and his techniques are flawless. If you want to hear an excellent Dixieland swing pianist at his best, listen carefully to his performances on this CD. Borodofsky is one of the great jazz clarinet players performing today!

Every song on this CD will find a place with the listeners who enjoy the sweet southern sound of Dixieland jazz. The band is perfect, and so is the CD, "There's No Place Like Home." One of the finest Dixieland Jazz CDs to come along in the past few years. Excellent! All the musicians on this CD deserve a large round of applause for their unique sound, and interpretations!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Southern Jazz featuring Ted Borodofsky
  • CD Title: Theres No Place Like Home
  • Genre: Ragtime Jazz
  • Year Released: 1999
  • Record Label: Southern Jazz Productions
  • Rating: Five Stars
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