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Tootsie Tunes by Richard Freitas

Richard Freitas describes his tunes as orginal, new, stride and ragtime tunes for solo piano. The title, Tootsie Tunes could bring to mind the spirited music of television cartoons. Tootsie Tunes is that and more, much more. How many different sounds can a person get from a ragtime piano? Lots!

Freitas and wife, Gerri Brioso, wrote the spirited, toe tapping and zesty tunes on this album.

Seducing the listener with the opener "Tootsie Tunes," Greitas immediately commands attention with the range of notes that keep this lively song captivating. Mystery in the first seconds pull the listener to "Smokey" before it explodes into a frenzied escapade, as Freitas covers the spectrum of high to low notes.

A sunny afternoon. A walk in the park a light, spritzy mood, is felt during "Sassparilla For Two." A bouncy, lively tune. "Try and Catch Me" displays cascading notes with a slower tempo still airy and pleasant.

Bringing the tempo back to a fierce speed, "Zig Zag Rag" reminds of the roaring twenties and silent movie days, when music told the story. "Saturday At The Bijou" also tells of earlier times with clarity and refreshing peppiness. A feverish tempo well describes the fervor of the question "Would ‘Ya", the name of track nine.

The title of this album is a bit deceptive. It would be easy to think of this effort as a simple offshoot of cartoon spoofs. It is anything but that.

Freitas shows complex arrangements, tremendous skill on keyboard and an unending imagination to produce such varied and captivating songs with one man on piano. But then, he has plenty experience since he’s performed with greats: Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Cab Calloway, Nell Carter, Little Anthony and the Imperials, plus the Drifters.

Freitas also wrote and produced songs for Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, Nickelodeon, Disney, Sony and many others.

This is a highly entertaining album. No flat spots. Captivating and consuming. A refreshing treat!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Richard Freitas
  • CD Title: Tootsie Tunes
  • Genre: Ragtime Jazz
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Tootsie Tunes
  • Musicians: Richard Freitas
  • Rating: Five Stars
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