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Ablaze in Orlando by Ken Navarro

Due to be released to the public on August 4th are this astonishing new live CD, Ablaze in Orlando and a most exciting 90 minute video featuring guitar virtuoso Ken Navarro at his Orlando show. Over the past eight years Ken Navarro has given cjazz fans treat after intriguing treat starting with his first release in 1990, The River Flows; and soundly establishing himself on the NAC/Smooth Jazz charts with his 1997 chart breaker, Smooth Sensation.

I believe the true test of a great musician is to experience them in all their spontaneous bliss captured in a live performance. We all know of artists of all musical genres that are great studio artists, however lack the creative juices to perform well live and in living color. Ken Navarro on the other hands is a true performer. Ablaze in Orlando, displays the spirituous live concert talent of Ken along with Jay Rowe on Keyboards, Gary Grainer on bass and Bruce Guttridge on drums. These musicians stir up strong and powerful emotions at their performance in Orlando, Florida in May of 1998.

This CD opens up with the familiar up-tempo and uplifting tune, Live and Learn, off of Ken's 1993 release, I Can't Complain. Ken's guitar work is blended with the steady rockin' beats of Bruce Guttridge on the drums. The group then features a song from Ken's 1996 release, When Night Calls, the sultry and savory track, Make It Rain. Ken gets down and dirty with some inspiring guitar solo work that makes the crowd go absolutely wild (and me too). Next Ken delivers one of my favorite Navarro tunes, Eric's Dream (written for his son) off of his 1995 release, Brighter Days. This airy and heart-felt tune silences the crowd into a musical trance, amazed by the smooth acoustical work of Navarro.

Ablaze in Orlando features a total of nine great songs from Ken's previous works along with one never before recorded bonus track. I can just imagine the faces of the audience, bright-eyed, hands in the air, and glad to just be a part of this work of art in the making. What a set! I can't wait to check out the video.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ken Navarro
  • CD Title: Ablaze in Orlando
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 1998
  • Record Label: Positive Music
  • Musicians: Ken Navarro (guitars), Jay Rowe (keyboards), Gary Grainger (bass), Bruce Guttridge (drums)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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