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Feelin’ It by Freddie Fox

Smooth jazz guitarist Freddie Fox creates beautiful music on his latest CD Feelin’ It. He produces an infectious chill-out feel in the rhythmic swells of "Southern Ways," enhanced by a banquet of horns with saxophonists Nagee and Lewis Taylor along with trombonist Steve Baxter and trumpet player Johnny Britt, etching lively somersaults and a plumage of puffy raptures in Fox’s wake. The relaxing mood of "Day Dreamin’" is flanked by sea-breezy wisps and the luxuriating ringlets in the title track are ribboned in shimmery guitar bows. The smooth funk beating in "No U Turn" is framed in R&B stylized trimmings and the leisurely strut in the strolling beats of "Still Lovin’ You" is molded in bales of scintillating guitar whorls.

Fox’s music meets all of the requirements to satisfy smooth jazz idioms. He uses an upbeat tempo in the rhythmic swells of "Cruise Control" and washes them in gentle showers of soft guitar pellets. He welcomes the lush, glimmering vocals of Evelyn "Champagne" King on the track "Happy Feelings," a song title that epitomizes what Fox’s music exudes from beginning to end.

All around, the swing in Fox’s guitar pitch has a tenderness that feeds the soul. The cruising grooves of "So Much Love" are accentuated by the buoyant propensity of Fox’s guitar pluckings and the silky texture of Donald Haynes’ saxophone caramelizes beautifully into the sleek maneuvers of Fox’s guitar and Fred Smith’s keyboards in "Thank You." The music sets the mood to a relaxing decibel, taking audiences away from their troubles and to a place where only heavenly sensations reign like in "Smooth" and "Just 4 U." These rich, smooth-jazz delicacies are made with an intonation that can cast a spell on listeners and enable them to transcend reality and plunge into a state of euphoria.

Freddy Fox’s songs are instantly likeable and never let listeners tire of feeling euphoric. His guitar licks function as the downy feathers in a pillow case. He supplies the substance while his musicians provide the cloth to wrap around it securely. His songs encourage the impulse to snuggle and make for the perfect banner to show that peace is attainable. He makes you wish that every single day could feel this good from beginning to end.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Freddie Fox
  • CD Title: Feelin’ It
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: NuGroove Records
  • Tracks: Southern Ways, Feelin’ It, Day Dreamin’, No U Turn, Still Lovin’ You, Cruise Control, Happy Feelings, So Much Love, Thank You, Smooth, Just 4 U
  • Musicians: Freddie Fox (guitars), Walter Beasley, Michael Lington, Nagee, Nelson Rangell, Lewis Taylor (sax), Bill McGee (flugelhorn), Alex Al, Mel Brown, Smitty Smith (bass), Michael Broening (keyboards), Michael White (drums), Luis Conte, Kevin Ricandi (percussion), Evelyn “Champagne” King (vocals)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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