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Fresh From The Groove by Dominic Amato

You don't need to be in love to listen to Dominic Amato's music, but he'll put you there from the start of his latest record, Fresh From The Groove. Produced by his keyboardist/programmer Michael Broening, the album is designed to eject positive vibes straight into the listener's soul from the affectionate caresses of Amato's saxophone in "Nico's Smile" to the R&B grooves and peppy spurts of his saxophone in the title track. Amato shows that he knows how to penetrate the human soul's positive currents via the saxophone and smooth jazz tunage.

The R&B/soul vectors of "Greezy" emote body pulsing beats and produce slinky melodic patterns that rub the listener in all the right places to soak in the ambiance. Equally gratifying is the Afro-Cuban flavoring of "Jamaica" as the music entices some hip-swaying action and an upbeat attitude as the exotic tint of the saxophone sweeps the listener away to alcoves of sheer happiness.

The album cools off with the gentle caresses of "Still Here With You" and the softly billowing gusts of "Jazzy's Flow." The album lifts off again kicking up the tempo a few notches with the dance track "Out The Gate" adorned in finely seamed saxophone curls and aquatic sound effects. The sultry strut of Amato's saxophone in "Let's Just Chill" is temptation at its best and the relaxing strokes of his notes in "My Luv Sounds Like This (For Wifey)" heighten every positive feeling in the listener's soul.

The music makes the listener one with happiness. Dominic Amato's music can seduce the most hardened individual to experience the glory of being in love. Fresh From The Groove is everything that you could imagine happiness would feel like and the satisfaction is everything you could hope for fresh from smooth jazz's ovens.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Dominic Amato
  • CD Title: Fresh From The Groove
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: NuGroove Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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