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Groovosphere by Matt Marshak

Groovosphere, guitarist Matt Marshak’s third CD heats things up right from the start and keeps it hot throughout. Marshak has written as well as produced all of the superb tracks for this up beat project. A native New Yorker, Marshak has created an atmosphere of sophisticated urban sounds blending jazz, funk, R&B and chill into a listening experience you can almost feel.

Groovoshpere gets into the groove right away with "New York Ave." This is lively and up beat highlighting Marshak’s fine guitar playing. Sax and horns provided by David Mann of Tower of Power adds the perfect amount of zing to this tune. The bass line on "Montauk Moon" soars with a beat that features Marshak shining on acoustic guitar balanced nicely with Mann’s horns. De’adre Aziza adds some fine, sultry vocals to "Always" while Marshak’s moody guitar riffs and Dean Kraus on keys create an air of chill.

The ultra cool "Summerfunk" with its powerful guitar, meaty bass and hot horns make this one a standout. It’s got a great catchy rhythm leaving you yearning for more. "Wind Chill Factor" has a super chill vibe to it making it a perfect title for this song! Marshak’s guitar along with some nice drum programming creates a dreamy atmosphere, which seems to envelop you. "Across The Pond" is one of the standouts on this fine CD. The guitar riffs on this are sensational and draw you in right from the start. It has a wonderful moody groove to it that will have your head swaying to the beat. The grooving continues with "Summertime" another funky tune with its energetic tempo and background vocals to match. Mario Cruz on sax along with Marshak play nicely off of each other on this fun tune.

"Big Skye Dream" is sensual and poignant, stirring up emotion with Marshak’s exquisite guitar riffs throughout. Get set to groove again with "Mood Man." Some great horn playing gets things moving and leads into some awesome jamming with Marshak and Reguisis on bass. This is a real feel good tune that’ll have you moving along with the beat. "La Tabla," (small hand drum) is played beautifully here along with more brilliance from Marshak’s guitar. It is quite beautiful and also quite haunting. Ending with "Honestly" highlighting Marshak’s guitar sans band is really nice, easy listening. A perfect way to end this excellent CD.

Groovosphere is one of those rare CD’s where every track is a winner with just a little something different to offer in each one, but at the same blending it all together. As the title claims, Groovoshpere creates a definite groove with tons of atmosphere. A must have for your collection.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Matt Marshak
  • CD Title: Groovosphere
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Nuance Music Group
  • Rating: Five Stars
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