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No Time To Waste by dee brown

Dee Brown, born Demitris Edwards Brown, has released his smooth jazz debut No Time to Waste on DéLaf Records/Nu Groove Records. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Brown has a strong background in R&B/soul, having founded the R&B groups Foreplay and later One Wish. Dee’s skills as a guitarist, composer, producer and arranger has given him eminence in the industry, which is easy to believe after listening to No Time To Waste. Produced by his long-time friend Gerald Mitchell of Los Hermanos, Brown additionally renders the vocal prowess of Audra Bryant, Gerard Brooks, Reginald B. Williams Jr. and Asha Williams showing that Brown never goes far from his R&B roots and proving that the power which Motown artists wielded, is still among us.

Brown’s coalesce of R&B/soul with smooth jazz chords draws out a natural flow in the melodic movements prominently suffusing the instrumental numbers "Before I Began," "Beautiful Melodic" and the title track. The sinewy lines of the horns and rhythmic grooves overcome the listener with a cool serenity that feels just fine to surrender to and let wash over you. The warm vocal register of Gerard Brooks on "Wings of Love" protrude from the melodic phrases with an exhilarating rise, while Audra Bryant’s caressing vocal strokes on "Sunday Jazz" extol sheer bliss as her voice intermingles with the sonic patterns and becomes a part of the melodic pathways.

The smooth drool of the honey-coated chord series in "Reunited" and "El Spanyo" simmer softly with light guitar flairs that make these tracks come alive, while the upswing of the quaking tremolos of "Dee Brown‘s Place" and "Confessions" have a dance/funk persuasion. "Blue Street" and "Together As One" create liquidity effects streaming through the smooth jazz modules that emit soft swirls which lead the melodic flow and the listener‘s attention. Brown includes two bonus tracks, the first being "Wings of Love" with smooth soul-nutritious vocals and perky guitar twirls, and the other is a smooth soul/funk rendition of "Call Me" topping the album with spurts of energy.

Dee Brown’s music is smooth jazz with flakes of R&B, soul and dance/funk that lets you escape into a utopian world. The album creates a safe haven for the listener, covering the mind in a sunny ambience. It is an album that you look forward to coming home to. It will put you in the mood to kick off your shoes and let you get lost in its sonic waves. The album is blemish-free and even if Brown or Mitchell detect a blemish anywhere, you’ll never know because it is too harmoniously aligned in the mind‘s eye.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: dee brown
  • CD Title: No Time To Waste
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: DeLaf Records/Nu Groove Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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