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Play by Project Grand Slam

New York City has a signature texture to its jazz sway, one which sets the bar very high with respectable innovative and an intense arena of players. The character of New York jazz is one that has never been mirrored. Unique beats, finely tuned arrangements and tenacious visionaries make the music scene what it is. That formulation is capsulated with the virgin recording of Play by Project Grand Slam. This is a stylishly, intoxicating spin of jazz ingenuity and execution!

Fluid tempos and melodies focus this project’s progression. It holds well-designed and firmly-fit selections of original sequences, which liquefy its delivery. Play is one of those few experiences in music where from first vetting by the fandom. They marry into the attitude of the surreal vibrancy of the compositions. Let’s put the original excellence of "The Captain of the Heart" aside. With both the lyrical performance cut with vocalist Judie Tzude and exiting with an instrumental piece of the same cut, the newly-welded delight is a double bill of accolade-esque accomplishment.

The excitement starts and triumphs with the composition of four very interesting intellects. Each piece of this staged puzzle fits and attaches them to the feel of the arrangement framework. This accounts for the exquisite flow between minds and surely makes their peers sweat with fragile amazement. This disc is performed by a stacked stage of weighty aficionados of the classic jazz craft!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Project Grand Slam
  • CD Title: Play
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Cakewalk Records
  • Tracks: Studio One, Because She Said So, The Captain Of Her Heart, Riding The Berks, Baal HaSulam, Harry Knuckles, Portrait Of Katie, Out Of Tahini, Shades Of Memories, Heat 2007, Ode To Jerry, Doin The Worm, The Captain Of Her Heart (Instrumental)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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