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Saxually Romantic by J.J. Jones

This album is quite aptly titled, if you like your jazz laden with bluesy, lazy, moonlight-rich romantic saxophone. After a 30-year hiatus and at age 75, Georgia-born J.J. Jones (the only biological child of a woman whose big heart took over 30 children into her home!) displays the kind of satisfying experience and steadfastness expected of true sax aficionados.

His career boasts work with such heavyweights as B.B. King, Sam Cooke, Lou Rawls, Barry White, Cannonball Adderly and Jimmy Witherspoon. Great company! Whether you’re familiar with him or not, his is a riveting and enticing style that certainly feels familiar, deliberately soothing and escorting you along on a long, winding carefree stroll track after track.

Running the gamut from cool and traditional to bluesy and sensual and combining the use of ethereal strings with his breezy sax, Jones opens with a careful, sensual handling of the ever-popular "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?," wanders through some of the more palatable traditional classics such as "Fly Me to the Moon," "My Funny Valentine," "Summertime" (I must admit partiality to this track, as his interpretation is quite admirable) and "Misty" (also haltingly beautiful) and even teases with a noteworthy version of Lionel Richie’s "Still." The wealth of experience and "feel" that Jones brings to jazz is clearly showcased here in ways that practically defy description.

A consummate piece of work as a whole, Saxually Romantic beckons you to take a deep breath, relax and just let the world take off on its own course while you casually watch it glide by. The album paints the calming, soft colors that we all need to envelope our harried lives at one point or another.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: J.J. Jones
  • CD Title: Saxually Romantic
  • Genre: Smooth Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Jayman Records
  • Rating: Three Stars
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