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Rarely, only very rarely, is a recording released that brings together a host of the greatest jazz musicians on which they all play to the highest of standards.  There have been more than a ton of recorded amalgamations of all-star jazz groupings going all the way back to the Jazz At The Philharmonic concerts of Norman Granz.  The end result of those kinds of producer-inspired recordings usually finds a host of mismatched musicians all trying to find common ground.  While there were more hits than misses on the JATP fests, groupings such as those by Arista and Columbia records in…
Thunder Soul is the movie/documentary, executive produced by Jamie Foxx, about the award winning Kashmere High School Stage Band, out of Houston, Texas.  The band was led by a visionary music teacher, Conrad "Prof" Johnson Sr., who, like Miles Davis, recognized music and life was changing dramatically for African-Americans in the early 1970s and moved his traditionally oriented jazz stage band into the realm of jazz funk.  Documentaries, if they are successful, find ways to not just make the true life experiences focused on in the movie personal for the audience, but also complete the picture with a full round…
It just doesn't seem possible this could be Lewis' 80th recording.  It feels like it was yesterday when keyboardist, composer and radio show host Ramsey Lewis's mega hit, "The 'In' Crowd," was first on the radio.  Since the eruption of that light swinging jazz track on radios throughout the world in 1965, Lewis has gone on to a career that would be the envy of everyone who has ever made an instrumental record.
Besides his stature within New York City's enigmatic downtown scene, trumpeter Steven Bernstein's varied resume includes writing and performances with rock and pop legends. Therefore, he possesses an insider and outsider type view, also evidenced by his leadership with the band Sex Mob, known for nicely twisted, reconstructed, and off-kilter covers of famous rock and pop tunes. Here, Bernstein and a large ensemble, including re-mix master Bill Laswell, keyboardist Bernie Worrell and guitarist Vernon Reid loom as vital cogs in the wheel of success, extended across the music of pop-funk icon Sly Stone.
Vocalist Tony Adamo’s new CD, What Is Hip?, is a funkified and deeply rhythmic locked affair with some of the best musicians of the day.  Put together by master guitarist and producer Jerry Stucker, this horn-laden album reminds one of the early days of Tower Of Power (TOP) brought up to date by modern sensibilities.  Some of the big names assisting Adamo include master drummer Steve Gadd, percussionist and Headhunter Bill Summers, trumpeters Mic Gillette, Henry Hung, and Eddie Henderson, as well as TOP bari saxophone soul man Stephen “Doc” Kupka and keyboardist Rodney Franklin.
Saxophonist, flutist, keyboardist, composer and arranger Eric Person, who was born in St. Louis and trained at the St. Louis Conservatory of Music, continues his tradition to release good music that is questing, yet firmly planted in jazz's tradition with his latest CD, The Grand Illusion.
Artist:Tony AdamoTitle:What Is Hip?Genre:JazzLabel:IndependentRelease Date:2011Product Link: Link: Adamo has a voice that sounds like what you would get if you put Dr. John, Lou Rawls, and Mark Murphy into a bomb shelter with Dr. Joesph Mengele and presented him the challenge of harmonizing their voices into one. After a
Freedom Suite is both different and unique and traditional and common at the same. Mixing hip-hop elements first done well, in a jazz vein, by Miles Davis on Boo-Dop, expanded in many ways with mixed results by Greg Osby on his 3-D Lifestyles, and made accessible and popish by Quincy Jones, this recording incorporates all of these influences as well as throwing in a few of its own. This music presented here is pop, R&B, hip-hop and jazzy, with the inclusion of straight-up interviews with a
For those who don’t already own one of the previous versions of this album’s release, now is the perfect time to pick up this incredible recording. The lineup included amazing trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, soulful saxophonists Stanley Turrentine and Hank Crawford, continually underappreciated flutist Hubert Laws, young-at-the-time guitar firebrand George Benson, soul jazz keyboard legend Johnny Hammond, Miles Davis alum bassist Ron Carter, the powerful Mahavishnu Orchestra drummer Billy Cobham and
Broken Doll Beat is the second album from The Rongetz Foundation, a music project of composer, arranger and trumpet player Stephane Ronget. Almost all the musicians changed for this album, except Stephane and Jeremy Brun on piano and Rhodes. Stephane reunited a group of excellent musicians. David Schnitter on sax, Carlos Jimenez on flute and Jeremy on piano, all of them playing highly energetic improvisations. The solo ideas flow effortless from each of these amazing musicians challenging each o
Eclecticism – Drawing from a plethora of grooves/styles from around the world.The above definition of the title of the first release from fo/mo/deep is provided on the back cover of the group’s new CD. Also included on the CD cover is a self-characterization by fo/mo/deep that reads “An Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective.” That assessment is concise and sums up their mission astutely. fo/mo/deep is a vibrant jazz collective which utilizes their dynamic rhythm section to keep th
Grammy award winning keyboardist, singer, composer and producer George Duke takes a jazz funk glance back into his musical past with Deja vu. Deja vu is the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experience a new situation previously. That's the mode you're in when you listen to the funk-driven energy of Duke's new CD. The sound has characterized some of Duke's most memorable recordings from the golden age of funk and soul and has made Duke a platinum selling artist. Produced by Duke,
4Ever Jia is the debut cd from the John Blackwell Project (JBP) and what a fantastic debut it is. Those familiar with the Blackwell name will know that John is a world class drummer and groove master having played with the likes of Prince, Cameo and Patti Labelle to name but a few, but you would be mistaken in thinking that this is purely a drummers cd, (no bad thing in itself considering Blackwell’s skills) but it really is so much more. In 2008 and after the Buddy Rich memorial concert the Joh
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