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Because You're Funky by Various Artists

Seeing as the now nearly extinct 45 RPM record was once the major medium for rock, R&B/soul and pop, there are many LP and CD collections available of obscure tracks by even more obscure performers, rescued from oblivion by those who believe these records deserve a better fate than they got. There’s not many such collections of jazz simply because the chief medium of the music was/is the Long Playing (LP) Record and Compact Disc. Now the folks at Lo Recordings with the help of The Rustler (rumored to be electronic musician Luke Vibert) have collected the rarest of the rare, the gonest of the real-long-gone Instrumental FUNK 45s from the 1970s. I know the purist are wincing, but like it or not there’s been many areas where funky R&B and jazz have overlapped. (George Adams was in the Fatback Band, Odeon Pope was in Catalyst, then there’s David "Fathead" Newman, Cornell Dupree, Eddie Harris, the soul-jazz organ trios of the 60s, in its beginning Earth Wind & Fire had AACM connections and so on.)

For those that treasure the nearly lost art of funk as put forth by BANDS, not DJs and digital samplers, Because Your Funky is a killer treasure trove of rare earthy delights. You can play the guessing came of whom-influenced-whom grooving to the Fela Kuti and African Highlife-sounding horn arrangements of The Dream Makers and The Basic Sounds of Pittsburgh, wonder about the cool dub production of Jerry & The Medicine Men’s sassy strut "Medicine Man Part 2" (and driven by a bass line that just won’t quit) and put on your best Saturday night threads to Sir Stan & The Count’s Freddie King-style bluesy crawl "Soul In." Throughout, there are TONS of well nigh irresistible grooves, opulent Hammond B-3 organ, chunky funky-chicken electric guitar, crackling drums and such wild/out saxophone skronk that be "avant-garde" in almost any other context. Sure, a few tracks have a corny or kitschy aspect to them - it WAS the 70s, after all - you practically expect Pam Grier or Raymond St. Jacques to appear at your domicile and to start kickin’ ass while this is playing. But SO WHAT, I say - that’s part of the charm of some of this stuff. So if you’re seeking some sharp, solid old-school GROOVE unencumbered by mere words, put Because You’re Funky at the top of your shopping list.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Various Artists
  • CD Title: Because You're Funky
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2002
  • Record Label: Lo Recordings
  • Rating: Four Stars
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