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Black Ice by Glynis John Martin

Driving through life in the smooth R&B/soul lane is what singer-songwriter Glynis John Martin achieves in his debut solo album Black Ice. With harmonies as rich as Boyz II Men and smooth grooves reminiscent of Smokey Robinson, Martin’s crystals of smooth jazz, soul and R&B have a glistening luster that bathes the soul in warm light while chained to rhythms with soft hip swaying, rocking motions. Not a tune goes by through Black Ice that your hips can resist moving to or your body retreat from reveling its warm froths. There is just something about Martin’s songs that put the listener in a nice relaxing mode.

Every track is precious and produces a Jacuzzi-like idling that appeases the finer senses. The finger snapping beats of "Tick, Tick, Tock" is garment in soulfully lined vocals trickling gently over the melodic sheets and then switches to a rapping vocalese in "VIP" rowing with a cool strut along the rhythmic grooves. The smooth soul ballad "Quiet Time" has warm esthetics that cradle the listener in elegantly layered harmonies, but the soft romantic lights do not go out there. They move into the following track "Beg & Plead" as the lyrics implore, "Don’t take your love away, cause I need it / Each and every day / Girl, I need you in my life right by my side / So if you say that you are gonna leave / I’ll be forced to beg and plead / For you to stay with me, yeah."

Martin’s little girl can be heard in the opening lines of "From The Heart," asking her daddy to sing this song and boy does she really know how to pick a song that makes the listener smile. Its melodic beauty is made for those storybooks about love that lasts forever with a glow that is as perennial as the glittering lights of the aurora borealis. His daughter can be heard at the ending of the song requesting that her daddy sings it again and why not as it has a way of lighting up days that appears dim. From this point on, the album maintains a smooth soul coasting that is made for lovers, splitting the record between the flirty island sways of "Hey Pretty Girl" and "Rock Me Baby" and the tender loving engineering of "In Love Again" and "There’s No I In We."

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Glynis John Martin shows an instinct for smooth R&B/soul tubing that puts the listener in a relaxing mode. His vocal style has a comfy strut with melodic sensibilities that have a likeness to Smokey Robinson. He navigates the songs through smooth jazz waters that are shoaled by locks of soul and R&B showing an instinct that gives Black Ice its resolute will and crystal-like luster.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Glynis John Martin
  • CD Title: Black Ice
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: JP Entertainment and Nitram Records
  • Tracks: Baby Girl, Black Ice, Hey Pretty Girl, If Only You Knew, Rock Me Baby, ‘N My World, Something Special, Tick Tick Tock, VIP, Quiet Time, Beg & Plead, From The Heart, In Love Again, There’s No I In We
  • Musicians: Glynis John Martin (vocals), Albert Martin (guitar), Luther Jackson, Keith Haines (music programming), God (guidance)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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