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Blueprint Of Soul by Teddy Presberg

No overdubs or premeditated compositions here as Portland, Oregon guitarist Teddy Presberg recorded these tracks in his dining room/studio. The muse for this exceptional and irrefutably delightful outing was inspired by the city of Portland, although the guitarist honed his chops in his native St. Louis. And I must assert, it’s one of the hands-down musical surprises for 2007.

Presberg predominately uses his wah-wah pedal as a vehicle for soulful expressionism amid a laid-back, funk/rock/blues gait. Very infectious indeed and, at times, reminds me of vintage Cream or the early British blues rock scene. However, Presberg sports a contemporary methodology here. Refreshingly entertaining, stylistic and playfully off-center, the guitarist also merges a sound that hints at classic psycho-pop via a jam-based modus operandi. But he maintains a distinctly personalized musical aura throughout.

Presberg’s e-guitar permutations are driven by melodic choruses that are acutely accentuated by the rhythm section’s snappy pulses. He interweaves intricate chord voicings into the mix as well. And in certain movements, he imparts phased-out breaks and liquefying licks. He’s a crafty cat indeed. On the piece titled "My Bird Can Fly," Presberg serves up a cool blues motif, counterbalanced by a mellow groove that sparks remembrances of the late 60s flower-child brouhaha. Simply stated, this gem will most certainly find its way on my 2007 top-ten list. No doubt about it.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Teddy Presberg
  • CD Title: Blueprint Of Soul
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Three Pin/Ropeadope
  • Rating: Five Stars
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