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Finding My Way by Ron Levy

Known as an icon of the B-3, Ron Levy has been a creative force in music since he began, in 1966. Touring with BB King for seven years didn’t hurt Ron’s career any, either as he grew with his groove, writing, producing and ultimately shaking his audiences.

With nine Grammy nominations, Levy has carved a niche for himself among the hottest artists in jazz, R&B, and soulfunk vibe. Finding My Way is the quintessential funk-- smooth and gritty.

Saxman, Flutist, Karl Denson has a rep all his own after touring with Lenny Kravitz and gigging with hornman Fred Wesley from James Brown’s band. All this before Denson was recruited by German jazz label, Minor Music. Creating his own group, The Greyboy Allstars led Denson down an all-star path as his group drew huge crowds around the country.

Called the ‘essential guitar player, master of the groove, Melvin Sparks lends his legendary fingering to Levy’s Finding My Way.

Best Cookies has a smooth groove on Levy’s B-3, as Denson swings out with sassy swinging notes on sax. Sparks does soulful fretting on guitar.

An easy riff leads off Exiled as Levy provides a nice background to Denson’s keen reed. A jungle atmosphere is laid out in mystic magic with vibe sounds.

The title track, Finding My Way delivers interesting stretches on the B-3, keeping the pace spunky, yet smooth. The backbeat on drums is a smooth roll.

Wild Kingdom is a grooving group with Ron Levy leading the way into organic grooves, funky rhythm, and a mystical trip as he finds his way.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ron Levy
  • CD Title: Finding My Way
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Levtron
  • Tracks: I Try & I Try, Best Cookies, Steady Like Freddy, The Wes Side, Exfiled, Cuch Cuch, Some Sorta Blue, Finding My Way, Spangled Star Boogaloo.
  • Musicians: Wild Kingdom (band): Karl Denson: sax & flute, Melvin Sparks: guitar, Russ Lawton percussion, drums, Adrome ‘Acidman’ MacHine: drums, percussion, Ron Levy: composer, producer, organ, piano, electric pianos, vibes, basses & programming. Special guest: Arkady Beletsky: cello
  • Rating: Five Stars
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