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Lemonade by G. Love

G. Love (Garrett Dutton) has released his second solo album Lemonade on Jack Johnson's label Brush Fire Records, following his solo debut release Hustle. Previously, G. Love had a thirteen year history as the lead singer and guitarist for the jazz fusion ensemble G. Love And Special Sauce which included Jimi "Jazz" Prescott on string bass and Jeffrey "Thunderhouse" Clemens on drums. Prescott and Clemens still play with G. Love on the tracks along with jazz/funk luminaries like Ben Harper, Marc Broussard, Tristan Prettyman, Jasper, Blackalicious, Lady Alma, Lateef the Truth Speaker, and Jack Johnson.

Produced by Chris DiBeneditto, Lemonade is a sunny upbeat ode to bluesy libations with hip hop grooves, free jazz spacing, and tall servings of G. Love's scat licks filled with rejoicing movements and homespun harmonies. The melodies have an intimacy that puts the listener in the center of the jam sessions. The laid back approach and comfy settings for the song "Ride" encompasses smooth hip hop jamming surrounded by ambushes of Soul and blues/jazz coils while the harmonica and tambourine sizzles tweak the tune's fluorescence. The crisp hip hop vocals on "Ain't That Right" baste in chilling blues piano notes and funky percussion reels. The hubs of acoustic guitar and harmonica dowels on "Hot Cookin'" simmer along funk-fueled dance beats. The twinkling piano curls on "Missing My Baby" float along the blues/rock vapors. And the layout of organ and clavinet huffs for "Holla" inject the number with intriguing slants.

The vocals of Blackalicious and Lateef the Truth Speaker on "Banger" gives the tune signature hip hop motifs. Jasper's vocals on "Thanks And Praise" circulate around the angles of hip hop links with a lively palpitation. "Let The Music Play" features Ben Harper and Marc Broussard on vocals with waves of cool, breezy Soul sways. Lady Alma lends background vocals on "Free" which affectionately flex and cuddle G. Love's lead. The vocal harmonies of Tristan Prettyman with G. Love on "Beautiful" are absolutely exquisite. The passion in both vocals is palpable.

"Rainbow" features Jack Johnson on lead vocals and purveys a more country/folk fluidity. "Breakin' Up" is a freehand acoustics tune with G. Love on lead vocals and guitar, and Jimi Prescott on string bass. The following track "Still Hangin' Around" has just G. Love on vocals and a 12-string guitar. The sparse melody has a warm and cozy ambiance with emotionally-impulsed movements. The final track "Foolin'" is unlisted and one of the best numbers on the album with upbeat hip hop vocal movements, jazz/funk rhythms, blues-pumped choruses, and tangy shakers.

G. Love's second release Lemonade is a collection of hip hop tilts, blues vapors, free jazz stylings, and soft Soul tones. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, G. Love's influences show shards of global blues transfusions and sparks of Philly Soul. It's music made among friends and has the intimacy of friends simply enjoying the ride of jamming together.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: G. Love
  • CD Title: Lemonade
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Brush Fire Records/ Universal Motown
  • Rating: Four Stars
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