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One Never Knows, Do One? by Myanna Pontoppidan

The operative word for Myanna's new CD is "enjoy". From start to finish, this CD has something enjoyable for everyone...audience and performers alike.

The first track starts off with an organ intro, followed by the melody done by the ensemble. Then come the solos. A fun track. The organ and alto combo is sure to make you smile. "Intrepidation" is an original tune by Myanna (a combination of the words "intrepid" and "trepidation"). She starts off with a baritone sax solo and then switches to alto sax. The third track is the James Brown classic "Cold Sweat", done in such a way that you can almost see him dancing around. Myanna does a lovely, sensitive rendition of another of her originals, "El Corazon Solo". This one is a bolero which features Myanna on soprano sax. "Chillin' at the Lake", another original, is a laid back blues with Myanna on alto and a bluesy guitar solo by Kevin Barry. "One World" is written with an African Soukous beat. It has a ballad feel with pretty work on alto. "For Illinois" is written by Myanna and dedicated to the late Illinois Jacquet. She plays this track on tenor, evoking Jacquet's sound. (Myanna credits Illinois Jacquet as a significant influence on her playing.) "Vintage Love" is the only vocal on this CD and is sung by its writer, Ed Scheer. He has a raspy, bluesy sound and the lyrics are old fashioned, double entendre which makes for a good chuckle. The last track is a road tune appropriately called "Road Rhythm". It features tenor sax and organ trading solos and a beat that will not stop.

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (who is the "world's most recorded drummer")is an exciting drummer and the tracks that he is on just explode with his energy. Everyone else falls into the groove and has a really good time.

And that is the secret of this CD by Myanna. It makes you want to move, dance, smile and have a wonderful time.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Myanna Pontoppidan
  • CD Title: One Never Knows, Do One?
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Bay City Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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