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Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors by Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors

Rick Latham warns the listener on the inside jewel case of his latest CD: "emissions warning: this product contains dangerously high levels of funkengruv." I'm not sure his listeners should heed this warning. What Mr. Latham has produced doesn't have dangerous levels of funk and/or groove, but just the right amount to give the listener a fun ride down the Highway of Groove. There's much more to this CD than the title would indicate. Many styles, many ideas...and they work.

Most of the tracks on this CD were co-penned by Mr. Latham. Besides being a very competent drummer, Mr. Latham has decent writing skills for an ensemble. Mr. Latham also produced this CD, so we can throw that onto his resume. I found the overall production and mix of the album to be very good, although I would say that the sound is very crisp, and could be a bit more percussion-focused. I was somewhat surprised that the drum mix wasn't bigger and fuller, being that the producer is the drummer.

That being said, this is a group to watch (and listen to, obviously). Mr. Latham definitely has something for everyone on this album. Songs range from the funky ("Back it up", "See Ya", and the time-signature-named, "Lucky seven") to Soul ("You and I" with vocalists Lonnie Jordan and Robin Francis) to an experimental techno ("I'm Looped"). The latter really caught my attention, as it really exposes the varied interests and talents of Mr. Latham. Other standout tracks I really enjoyed are: "Slinky" and "Stratocat". Very smooth, very sweet.

I will recommend this CD and I look forward to hearing more from Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors. The prescription is filled! (Sorry...I tried to resist the obvious joke, to no avail).

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors
  • CD Title: Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: RLP Records
  • Musicians: Rick Latham (drums), Mack Dougherty (guitar), Vail Johnson (bass), Bob Luna (keyboards), Ken Tussing (trombone), Albert Wing (sax, flute).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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